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Muffin Top Saddle Bags Workout

This is a workout dedicated to the “love” handles 🙂 I like their name – so endearing!!! A lot of leg lifts. Moderate Intensity! You...

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Booty Challenge Week 3

Week 3! We are picking it up a notch now that all the numbness has subsided. Be prepared! 🙂 Are you guys already seeing changes...

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Booty Builder Waist Trimmer Workout

I call this lovingly a name I saw on my timeline from a bodybuilder’s youtube “Big Butt, Small Waist” Workout. But wait! Is it spiritual...

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Big Butt Booty Lift Free Weights Workout

Hehe I have to first off apologize for the name of this workout. Cheesy 🙂 Secondly:  it’s been a heavily requested workout. Beach season and...

Calorie Burn Off Meltdowns
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Leg Circle Cardio Class

LEGS AND CARDIO. Bodyweight workout that is mostly targeting your lower body. It IS a full body workout. Be prepared for cardio work, legs and...

10 to 15 Minute Workouts
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VIP84 full Body Pilates Yoga Workout Legs 3

This is the third class of this yoga- pilates-workout fusion “series” I decided to do. This workout is of moderate intensity, stretching and meditation at...

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VIP80 Leg Day

NAMASTE BY, VIP80 LEG DAY A strong compact leg workout. Fast pace. For strong, toned, lean legs…  just making sure 🙂 we are not always...

Interval Yoga
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vip 24 60 minute interval yoga detox twists legs cardio burn


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Strong Back – Strong Core – Strong You

UPPER AND LOWER BACK This workout can be used by itself or added to most HIIT, gym and bodyweight workouts. It’s a great addition to any...