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This has to be one of the most common questions I get. Which book do I recommend on astrology, herbs, eating, etc.

I was a reading machine for 10 years of my life. I still read now but man, was I a maniac for a while.

I have read so many books and I hardly remember their titles but I will list the ones I consider my learning bible below.

Healing with Whole Foods Paul Pitchford is my all time Favorite book. You will learn the basics and more of Chinese medicine and the amazing part here is that the book is all vegan. That is a rare occurrence amongst Chinese medicine books. I am not pushy about other people becoming or being vegan but because it works for me incredibly and it is also I hope the way of the future I am always happy to offer tools if someone wants to be vegan or experiment with it, I get it! It is not for everyone and not everyone is successful on a vegan diet. Having a strategy is important. Availability of food is important! Knowledge is important. Whether you are vegan or not this book will help you understand your body; it will help you adjust your foods based on your symptoms before you have developed a full-blown disease. If we know how to read the body we can adjust our lifestyle way before a disease occurs.

I am all about enjoying life’s pleasures but with a measure. I am neither too strict nor too unhealthy.  I do things with measure and top my salad off with a scoop of vegan ice cream if I ma out with company and the occasion calls for that. I am also very attracted to simple foods and that’s the reason for being able to be whole plant food vegan for this long.

The book covers organs and emotions, symptoms, foods and their energetics and much more. It is a MASSIVE book and the price has gone way down from the time when I got it so that is a plus.



You can get these used as well.

Knowing your purpose North Node Astrology 

Astrology for the Soul

A super beginner intro to astrology 

I will always love Linda Goodman. We share a birthday and she was said to be America’s best astrologer. A funny author as well as spiritual.

Love Signs – This one is great in order to learn how signs work in relationships.

Star Signs is out there spirituality. LOVE IT!!! This is one of my very first spiritual books that opened my heart, intuition and eyes to worlds different than the just the visible world.

Sun Signs is a must read.



If you have lost someone and wondering where the soul goes after they leave our Earth THIS book might be a soothing read before bed. It is the accounts of thousands of people during regression. They all shared a certain understanding of life between lives.


For an intellectual heavy spiritual read I would say start with Rudolf Steiner.

How to know higher worlds 

Check back for more book recommendations.