Ali Approved


A Healthy Living Guide

These are some of the products I love and enjoy. I have reached out to some of the companies and have my coupons for some of them.



    1. Adipeau Code ALI15
    2.  Infraredi LED Panel – Pulsed Light + 5 wave lengths   Code ALIKAMENOVA
    3. Mito Red Light – One of the strongest Panels      Code alikamenova



  1. Red Light Belts – great for Injuries and Pain – on Amazon 
  2. LightpathLED –  Pulsed Light, 5 wavlengths and low EMF  Coupon aliyoga
  3. Real Raw Silk Eye Mask for Sleep 
  4. Water Distiller by MegaHome 
  5. Air Doctor Air Filter – 
  6. Mulberry Silk Pillow Case 
  7. SUNHOME SAUNA Blanket and Saunas   Code KAMENOVA50

11. NEUROGAN CBD–  an effective CBD OIL. Use Code ALIYOGA25 for 25% Off

12. Dermatica prescription Skin Care. This is my friend’s referral link. I have been very happy with them.


I will keep working on this list with all my favorite items.


13. An Aliexpress Red Light from a Reputable Seller. SGROW 

From my deep dive research (I have put months into it), this company offers good quality lights for the price. It is comparable to the American brands (which are also made in China but have the quality control from the American brand). All in all the SGROW is slightly cheaper and the quality is somewhat comparable (but not the same, slightly higher EMF, etc). This one is in the lower $100s.