Interval Yoga
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Interval Yoga Level 2 Strength

Courage is also challenging yourself, your body, mind, believes and attachments. On this note this class is a strong moderately fast paced interval Yoga Class...

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80 min Power Interval Vinyasa Breath of Fire

Namaste BY, Welcome to another strong and long Power Yoga Interval Vinyasa Class that has a bit of everything in it- a strong standing sequence,...

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30 Minute Full body Strength Vinyasa Power Yoga Core Legs Arms

BROKEN BEADS POWER VINYASA LEVEL 2 FULL BODY STRENGTH 30 MINUTES. Prepare for lots of leg work, core strength poses, mula bandha reminders, plank and...

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VIP Express Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow LEVEL 2

There is a progression of sequencing in this class. We are working on chaturangas with one foot crossing over the other, wild thing, knee tucks,...

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VIP 13 Night Time Coffee Cup for Upper Body Interval Power Yoga

We are going to focus on upper body strength as quite a few of you have asked for upper body strength classes. Here we go!!!...

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New Coffee Cup 5 Class Interval Yoga

A strong core building sequenceCardio YogaMetabolism BoostEnergy Boost Backbends and Twists for Better Mood 😀 Tons of planks and side planks. And make sure to do...