VIP 276 A 53 mins Strong Classic Old School Power Yoga Flow

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Old school Power Yoga Class. OK, “OLD SCHOOL” might just refer to a style that was popular not in the 60s but just 15 years ago 🙂

Since then I have added many new elements to my classes but today I kept it mostly at a strong power yoga flow. As some of you may know my biggest training was in Power yoga.

Power Yoga holds a special place in my heart. I taught in one of the most popular Power Yoga studios in LA for a long time and still look back on those days with a smile.

This class is good for weight loss. I have been very inactive due to bad weather (heat followed by rain and terrible floods) so I might add a month worth of weight loss or get in shape flows that can get us feeling a bit freer and less sticky (for a lack of better word).

I hope everyone is enjoying FALL. I have been finally loving Fall time in Austin. This week it has been finally summer-like weather with the addition of gorgeous fall trees, amazing new pumpkin varieties and SUN!!!

Enjoy this flow!



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  1. rosannadell's Gravatar

    Beautiful and powerful. Reminds me of some of my favorite power flows from 4 or 5 years ago. Thanks, Ali.

  2. agora10600's Gravatar

    I love this class, Ali. I like to split up my heavy weight days with classes like this one when I am energetic. I have lifted weights and done yoga since I was 15 ( I am 33 now, will be turning 34 soon). I turned to yoga to help heal my body since I was having so many odd health issues. I discovered your classes in early 2013, two years after I started doing HITT with I enjoy your teaching style much better, you aren’t superficial and I appreciate that. You bring wisdom, and I love your accent. HAHA, I feel like I know you yet we have never meant! I have been meaning to write a comment to you but now that I am wide awake at 1026 that rarely happens, I am feeling compelled to act. I get up early, and usually fall asleep early. The coffee and my husband snoring has aided in me reaching out so I am ok with that! BTW I love the outfit and always looking forward to your classes 😀 -Allyson

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