VIP 30 A 24 minute HIIT legs butt cardio abs intense

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I finally managed to upload a class today 🙂 – the internet where I am staying at keeps going out.
Today we are working on single leg exercises. BTW I did this workout yesterday and my legs are shot today. 😛
Dumbell, kettlebell or a water bottle can be used as extra weight.


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  1. Baharsolgun's Gravatar

    Wow i did with plastic bag full of clothes all such things and it was challenging trying to find balance with uneven weight:)kept moving and at the end with the sweaty hands:)

  2. Baharsolgun's Gravatar

    Ali what type of shorts you have from lululemon. I liked couple of yours and can see they are from lulu but not sure which one boogie or astro? I dont have in here lulu shops so just online and i bought boogie ones but showing underpants:( i liked the one you said you got from target but again dont have target in here:( what type of underpants also? Lulu is so expensive and still showing the underpants even the seamless one but from your videos i cant see anything and they are lulu? Can you help me for this because i wanna feel comfy in the clothes

    • admin's Gravatar

      I haven’t bought lulu shorts in years. the flower ones were from target- the brands they carry- i forget which one. the other shorts are new balance, heat gear, marika. lately i have been loving Roxy and Hurley- the surfer lines. i do have 5 or so pairs of lulu but they are quite old and i have no idea what model they are. also i got a few retro 70s looking ones at forever 21 😛 if i fall in love in anything yoga -geared in the future i will share. btw i love the new balance and marika sports bras. i think i love them more than lulu as far as comfort goes. lulu is still better quality and cuter designs.

  3. laurajones-miller1's Gravatar
    laurajones-miller1 29th August 2014, 6:25 pm

    Yikes…That was tough! I have been neglecting the evil challenges of late…So, I really felt this one…While in progress…all body parts involved were stinging crazy…So, as ever, my body thanks you, my heart and lungs, etc. thank you and …most of all I thank you Ali…love and huffing puffing for you today…xox, L

  4. benjity's Gravatar

    Did this this morning with a 20 lb kettle bell and added 15 seconds of kettle bell swings between exercises. Great workout!

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