Membership Includes:

An extensive library of 350+ exclusive yoga and HIIT classes.

Ongoing new programs! 

The library covers a vast array of styles, levels and focus that will get the yoga practitioner more in touch with their body and emotions; that will build deeper body awareness and a great physical practice. The classes offer a mix of intensity and relaxation and everything in between.

  • Periodic Diet and Fitness Challenges
  • Periodic Weekly schedules
  • ¬†Periodic New uploads so that you can stay motivated and inspired on your yoga and fitness journey.
  • Plus Bonus content from Ali
  • CANCEL any time. No questions asked. No contract.
  • Share one membership with your best friend and get them addicted to Yoga.


Get ready to get in shape while finding your zen!

Welcome to an exclusive 3 month Beginner Yoga and Training Program designed personally by Ali Kamenova with the beginner practitioner in mind.