Ali Kamenova

Ali is the creator of Interval Yoga. A style of yoga that combines ancient yoga practices with cutting-edge physical training techniques; she weaves elements of groove, dance and pilates, weight training and cardio into her classes. Her classes are some of the strongest classes out there but be assured that she will take you from beginner level to intermediate into advanced gracefully and gradually. Her style of yoga is short and condensed yet it is designed to bring relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Ali was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 19th, 1979. Her birth name is Albena which means pure. She moved to America at the age of 22 and she discovered yoga there. She randomly read an autobiography book by Christy Turlington while on a snowboarding vacation and that motivated her to try her first session at home. Yoga was a love of first sight for her. After her first class at the age of 23, she immersed herself in the practice for countless hours a day.   A few years later she was incredibly lucky to be a teacher at Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga studios in Los Angeles. Most of her learning happened during these years of teaching and being a student. She taught at Mark’s studios and various other locations throughout LA for 7 years before she started her online classes on Youtube and on her website.

Her style of classes is unique and powerful yet meditative and gentle. She focuses on self-awareness, body awareness, getting out of our own heads, finding the bliss of the present moment. She takes her students through a strong or a gentle sequence seamlessly and gives attention to flexibility, strength, cardiovascular capacity, power, breathwork and dance equally.

Interval Yoga is designed to balance our hormones and although a physical practice it has a strong spiritual underlying. The short bursts of interval training interlaced into the yoga classes are designed to boost Human Growth Hormone – the hormone of Youth. There is a lot of scientific research behind Interval Training and the world is yet to learn about combining HIIT with Yoga. Interval Yoga is on the fringes of functional movement and the world of fitness and spirituality is unfolding in front of us as a beautifully woven pashmina with seemingly unmixable elements woven in together beautifully.

Ali lives in the mountains outside of LA with her Partner Jonny Be, her daughter Lotus and their four-legged friend Sofie, an american bulldog girl who is present in most of Ali’s yoga classes.

Ali is working on building a massive library of online classes that can be an invaluable resource for any yoga – from moms to be, to postpartum mamas to girls in school to women in menopause or any other time in a woman’s life. Make no mistake her classes are great for men as well and although 75% of her students are female she has a strong following of men who are brave and progressive enough to bring yoga into their lives. Men ahead of their times.

If you are a beginner be sure to check her beginner courses. 

If you are a new mom be sure to follow her postpartum series before you return to a regular practice

Some of the benefits of Interval Yoga were discussed in this Live Chat.  Covering hormonal health, digestive health, weight loss, metabolism, stress reduction, cardiovascular health and more.





Elisa Magliulo-Alamanou

Much to all of our happiness, Elisa was Ali’s first admin on her Beautiful Yogis Facebook page. As soon as they met they became fast friends. As Ali’s “right-hand person” she is an invaluable resource and a friend for everyone who uses Ali’s various web locations. Her fantastic memory enables her to arrange and schedule Ali’s classes. As a matter of fact, she knows Ali’s classes far better than Ali does herself. Elisa’s big heart has been of service to all of the Beautiful Yogis. She has been selflessly working on the website and on the schedules and helping all yogis that need guidance. She knows ALL THE CLASSES top to bottom because she also “yogis” her way through them all.

Everything Elisa does is from her heart. She has held many of us up in difficult times. It is easy to see why she was invited by Ali to join her team.

Elisa lives on top of a mountain. Yes, literally she lives on top of a small mountain on the gorgeous Island of Corfu overlooking the ocean. She drinks her coffee at sunrise at her home seated above the clouds. Well, on a foggy morning she is literally above the clouds. She is a mother, a true animal lover and a rescuer. She is the mom of 9 year old twins Gigi and Niki and her 13 year old son Ermanno. She has 2 rescue dogs. One is named Willie (he is an adorable cuddler) and, Olivia the matriarch. Her large population of rescued cats lives there with her as well.

Everyone who knows her loves her for her soft heart and her funny outlook on most everything.
Half Neapolitan, half Californian Elisa has lived in California, Napoli, Japan and Washington D.C before she moved to Greece.

Olya Milovska

Olya is a Biology student with a keen interest in psychology and nutrition. She has been the event videographer for alikamenova.com. She is a yogi and a women rights activist and she is a contributor to www.alikamenova.com

Lolly Miller

An author at www.alikamenova.com
My name is Laura Jones-Miller.  Everyone calls me Lolly.  I was born in Independence Missouri.  My father came from a Welsh community in the Missouri Ozarks. It was the diet that I was reared on (catfish from the muddy Mississippi, and squirrel meat) that brought me to a vegetarian diet very early in life.  I transitioned to a fully vegan diet about 30 years ago.  This vegan transition has been instrumental in saving my life. I had a blood transfusion when I was 25 and was given Hepatitis C.  Years later when I started getting very sick,  I did a lot of research on diet and health and discovered some excellent data on the benefits of treating disease with a vegan diet.  The information I found stated that meat, eggs, and dairy foods contain large quantities of Vitamin D3 and vitamin B 12, which feed sick cells and make them reproduce at an accelerated rate.  I, at this point,  got very serious about eating as cleanly as possible. I am now Hepatitis C free and am enjoying the wonderful bliss of living life as a very healthy vegan.  I jump at every chance to learn more about what is going on in the vegan community.  I see that great strides are being made in the production of healthy nutrition.  I find this very exciting.
My friend and colleague, Ali Kamenova, who is so well read and informed about vegan health, has taught me so much about turning a healthy vegan diet into a  healing vegan diet. I will ever be grateful to her for that.
Six years ago I found Ali Kamenova on You Tube and started practicing yoga with her. Her classes were so superior that I started writing to her about how much I enjoyed her classes. Much to my surprise, she wrote back to me.  After a short time, she invited me to join a small group of people as admins on her Facebook Page. I also started writing articles addressing health and veganism for her Website. It has been an amazing six years. I spend several hours each day responding to student member questions and discussing health discoveries with my fellow admins.  I have met so many fellow vegans all over the world. I have learned so much about vegan wellness from so many different cultures.
I have an AA, a BA, an MA, and a teaching credential from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena California.  I also have a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California.
I began my teaching career in Guadalajara, Mexico teaching English to university students. After returning to the United States, I began teaching public elementary school in La Puente, California.  I worked as a Master Teacher for Azusa Pacific College as well. I have also spent a good many years writing successful grant requests.  One of these funded grants was a 5-year program for teaching bilingual math and science programs. Ali and I are currently writing an ebook on the benefits of veganism and how to transition to a vegan lifestyle.  I would love share information on new products in the vegan market.
                                                                                          Thank you for your time,
                                                                                            Laura Jones-Miller