Ali, do you just do yoga or do you also do cardio, lift weights and so forth?

Ali: I only do Interval yoga which is a perfect blend of yoga, cardio and strength work. It combines all the elements in traditional yoga such as breathing, stretching, toning and meditation. In addition Interval Yoga incorporates the elements of intense interval training which can double and triple one’s cardiovascular endurance; the elements of plyometrics, functional fitness, bodyweight exercises. Also some of my classes include props such as swiss balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, jump rope and I will be adding other small but effective props.

Is doing only yoga for me to get in optimum shape?

Ali: Although question 1 is exactly the same as question 2 you wouldn’t believe how often I get asked both in a row. So yes, Interval Yoga is absolutely and more than enough to get you in shape. It incorporates everything that one needs in order to maintain health and stay in good shape throughout their life and into old age. Yoga maintains the posture and health of the spine and joints and it is a perfect way to balance out muscle strength and flexibility so that injuries can be prevented from occurring in the future. Although Interval Yoga can be enough just by itself it is also a excellent compliment for any athlete that wants to improve his performance. For example a professional football player that does Interval Yoga will see that his strength and stamina and flexibility increase substantially and his chance of getting injuries can be greatly reduced. It is also a great practice for anyone working a hard manual job such as construction and gardening. And of course yoga is a must for anyone with a sedentary job or a job that requires a lot of repetitive movements. My programs and classes are designed to give you strength, speed, flexibility, balance and endurance while at the same time benefiting your state of mind and emotional well being.

I have never done yoga and Interval Yoga seems very intimidating. Where do I begin?

Ali: If you are a complete beginner I have a beginner playlist on my youtube channel that I recommend to be followed for at least 6-12 months before moving forward and trying out my intermediate classes. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLhzmO43Z8pT_0YgfthN19E_eKjB-c6aJ1″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Also I have a USB Drive that offers a 3 month comprehensive program of Yoga and interval training which can be extremely beneficial to a new practitioner. Link https://www.alikamenova.com/beginner-yoga-program/

Can I lose weight and get fit with yoga?

Interval Yoga is very challenging (do not be intimidated as I also make it fun and engaging) so once you get into my classes you can consider yourself a mini athlete. Using my classes will get you in the best shape of your life and of course they will help you improve your digestion, balance your hormonal system, detox your internal organs, balance your metabolism and improve muscle tone and core strength. In addition you will develop functional strength that will benefit your lifestyle. Weight loss will happen naturally. I do recommend a plant based diet as there is plenty of research on its health and environmental benefits plus it is the ancient yogis’ compassionate yoga diet of choice. You can follow some of my weekly schedules available on my website because that will give you an idea of how much time you need to dedicate to your practice. I firmly believe that 10-40 minutes a day is enough to get you into incredible shape.

I have had injuries in the past. Can I use yoga to heal and rehabilitate my body?

Absolutely! Use yoga wisely and know your own limitations. If you have had any injuries educate yourself on the proper modifications and learn to listen to your body. I always emphasis proper alignment in all my classes. Your body gives you the best ques as to what you should do or not do. Any pain during a pose should be avoided. Learn the difference between muscle burn and joint pain and avoid anything that causes joint discomfort or pain. Once you get into the flow of your practice this will become an intuitive place for you. Yoga can strengthen the supporting muscles and your joints begin to heal and strengthen. Yoga can also balance the predisposing factors that led to the injury such as muscular imbalances, muscle tightness and improper posture. Talk to your Physical Therapist for recommended modifications in the case that you are working with one. Before you begin any physical practice consult with you doctor and get the OK that you are ready to begin exercising.