Getting Out of a Fitness Rut Motivational Tip

This is my way of getting out of a yoga or fitness rut, when I’m just simply not in the mood to workout or exercise. In general, I am usually very highly motivated when it comes to engaging in Conscious Movement: walking, Yoga and HIIT but every so often I will skip a few days and I do notice that my mood, blood circulation and general attitude begins to diminish and I am not at 100% optimal functionality.

side plank variations knee ins yoga bodyweight workout HIIT

side plank variations knee ins yoga bodyweight workout HIIT

My way of overcoming a Yoga or fitness rut is to just do something quick and even easy or something very very short. It does the trick every time. If you skip a few days of working out and then you decide to overcompensate by having a hard workout, it can stress you out, stress your body out and make you procrastinate on jumping back on the wagon. So be simple, do something easy and just call it a day. Tomorrow you will feel that everything has shifted from the little bit of movement that you did the day before. Remember, every little bit counts.

What are we striving for? What are we working toward? Why is it so important to stay healthy in in shape? Sometimes life can become overwhelming. There are so many factors outside of ourselves that can weigh down on us and cause us to lose our centeredness and focus. For me, I have narrowed my focus to getting the word out about conscious living and being. A big part of that is diet and exercise. And in order for me to be the most effective in getting the word out I need to be at optimum functionality. This means that my head is clear and my body is light which allows me to work, serve and share my message. We all have that in us. We are evolving and part of that evolution is to provide relief and guidance to those who are in need. And in order to do that we must stay centered and determined and “keep on keeping on”! The best way to do that is to fine tune the mind-body connection. Remember, the body is an instrument to receive the light and evolve. That possibility is here for all of us no matter what. We must always remember that. Find the message you want to share; the light that is burning inside of you and start spreading it into the world, start enlightening your world in however small or big way you envision doing it!

On a lighter note – I just posted the Bubble Butt Weekly Fitness and Workout Schedule. Why do we care to be fit and have a nice lifted butt? Isn’t this a shallow desire? If you ask me -the more fit you become, the less you think about yourself. For example once you feel fit and healthy you don’t sit at home stressing and getting upset over your lumpy butt or muffin top for example and you have all this extra time to put your energy and effort towards worldly and worthy causes; serving others, working or simply being happy around others. Being healthy is the selfish desire to be fit in order to serve others and be happy in your family’s and loved ones’ presence.

The particular workout that I did was a total mood booster and I will call it that. I will post it tonight, it’s called VIP 12 Mood Boosting Bodyweight Workout Full Body Handstand Jumps. I did a similar mood boosting one which i posted on YouTube last Night. The link is below.

It gave me “the giggles” for the rest of the day. 🙂


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  1. Deborah's Gravatar

    Hi Ali, this happened to me this week. It seems to start with taking one or two days off and then leads to 5 days or a week, so by then I am thinking I need to get back into it and I have found doing a gentle routine like one of your beginners classes, or I will look at which of your classes I think looks enjoyable that day and do 10 or 15 minutes of that (hoping it leads on to finishing the whole class), it seems to work for me. For this reason last night I did your coffee cup 4, starting with doing a few minutes and ended up loving it and finished the whole class and felt really good afterwards 🙂

  2. yogikat's Gravatar

    Hi Ali,
    How many days a week do you workout? I saw that in one of your videos you mentioned you had a post on this, to ensure your not over training, but I could not find it. Do you alternate yoga and HIIT workouts? Any information would be wonderful, thank you for your time.


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