A Mineral Rich Rejuvenating Soup for Mommas, Recovery and for All

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A nourishing soup good for:

  • rejuvenation
  • recovery from injuries, birth, trauma, sickness
  • speeding up metabolism
  • supporting the health of the thyroid
  • weight loss
  • lactation for new moms
  • adding minerals to one’s diet
  • During this pregnancy I have not been having any cravings in particular but I have just been loving fresh, nourishing meals as a whole. Today I wanted something creamy and salty and I made this amazing soup rich in minerals and vitamins. As soon as I was done eating it I had to share it with yo’all.

It is simple, raw and easy to make as well as wildly delicious.



Ingredients needed:

  • A few strips of kelp- combo seaweed. Rinsed and soaked. (I didn’t soak mine as the hunger came in strong and I had to prepare¬†it quickly. A good blender can get through it without soaking. )
  • Almond milk, soy milk, whatever milk you like to make at home.
  • One small raw zucchini.
  • Half to a whole avocado.
  • Apple cider vinegar with grated ginger soaking in it (make this and leave it in your cupboard!!! ūüôā ) or lemon juice or simple apple cider vinegar. (I tried both the ginger ACV and the lemon juice and I prefer the raw ACV)

BLEND!!! Let the kelp stay chunky and chewy so do not over-blend. I find combo seaweed to be the mildest in flavor (along with hijiki) so this soup can appeal to people who do not normally love seaweed.

Top with Aleppo pepper or Gochugaru (korean mild hot pepper similar to aleppo)

A few of you have been asking me how I use kelp- this soup is one way to prepare kombu/kelp. I will share other recipes soon. I love making tea with it, or adding it to stews)

Kelp is detoxifying and at the same time high in nutrients so it can be very nourishing during recovery from any condition.

Sometimes I get seaweeds from the Korean Market but I make sure not to get anything that is from China and unfortunately no Japanese seaweed either (due to the Fukushima radiation left over). It is pretty tricky to know which ones are the cleanest ones so my last online order was for this brand which sells seaweeds from Iceland. Here is the link.

If you know which other seaweed brands and sources are the safest nowadays please comment below and let me know.


Another seaweed to have in your cupboard is Wakame (a¬†favorite of mine that you are probably familiar with from miso soup). It’s a great addition to cooked soups.

Traditionally wakame seaweed  have been used by Korean women during their postpartum period for 3 weeks in order to rebuild the vitality of their system and help them recover quickly.  It can also help with lactation. Wakame is a nutritional superstar- rich in calcium, iron and iodine which can help you lose weight and rebalance a slowed down metabolism while helping you with rebuilding a weak system.

Both kelp and wakame can be a fantastic addition to soups and salads.

Bon Appetit

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