Workshop Sofia, Sept 13-15 Schedule & Info

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Come join me in a cozy location perfect for a small group with an individualized approach. This will be Ali’s first workshop that will focus on finding a unique practice from within and learning how to guide oneself or how to teach others. The focus will be finding our own unique practice, approach, and style as we guide others or ourselves through the labyrinths of yoga.

Navigating through a complex yoga world and finding a peaceful, unique, individual practice that is guided by the heart and body itself.

The workshop will be at

Lozenets, str. Breza 6,

Sofia, Bulgaria, 1421

ж.к. Лозенец , ул. Бреза 6
Sofia, Bulgaria 1421

For booking the workshop visit the Workshop Booking Page

You can post and reach out to other participants for room sharing and accommodations. I recommend to check out Airbnb and pair up with someone else.

The workshop group is

Ali will get to know you on a personal level and we will work in small group settings on finding our own unique practice. We all differ as individuals and we all have something unique and different to bring to the yoga world. We can all search within and find the contribution that our soul and heart can make to the yoga community. We as practitioners and teachers are creative individuals and finding that creativity and unique style is key in establishing ourselves as yogis and yoga teachers.

During this Workshop, we will work on deepening our practice as students and teachers.

Great for beginners yogis and teachers. This workshop will focus on the wisdom of movement. Understanding the mechanics as well as the inner feel of our practice and that of others. A discussion about sequencing and safe asana. Identifying desire, competition, unsafe poses, pushing too hard and copying others vs finding our own unique practice. Ali’s main focus will be on finding the individual methods and the unique style imprinted within each and every student. Coming back home to true yoga. Rediscover the yoga within. Finding the practice that will strengthen our character, soul, and spirit.

Yoga is coming home. Yoga is finding joy, peace, contentment, connection, pleasure, and inner strength.

Yoga is connecting to our True Self.



  • Eve MoonFlow

Twistie Delicious Flow for the Traveling Yogi. Unwind, meet one another, Re-center, Re-balance, Ground. Hip Openers and Reclining stretches. Breathwork, visualization, intention setting, a meditation on Purpose and Connection!


2. Interval Power Yoga MORNING

Sweat & Standing Balances. Create emptiness through flow and mindfulness. Become present in motion. Learn to flow with ease in the face of challenges. Learn to use breath as a guiding tool. A strong flow with intention. JOY as the building block!


Eve Restorative Yoga.

Restoring the muscles after a strong morning and creating a circle for sharing and visualizing. Heart meditation. Exchanging heart energy and cultivating COMPASSION as a means for spiritual growth. Contemplating finding one’s purpose vs suffering vs enlightening through compassionate living.


4. Morning

Handstands, Inversions and Arm Balances with Bobi.

Working on pose techniques and transitions.

5. Noon

Working on alignment- dissecting important poses and understanding the inner workings of a pose. Immersing oneself deeper into the inner dynamics of movement. Understanding movement from the inside out and from the outside in. A talk on being present in the body and learning through inner guidance, listening to the body and finding peace in the quietness in a home practice. Finding our own practice. Establishing a strong connection to asana and the deeper connection to alignment and movement.

Finding our yoga path.

To book the workshop visit the Booking Page

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