The herbs, homeopathy, remedies for COLDS I cannot live without.

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Namaste beautiful yogis,

(warning this is going to be VERY holistic so if you don’t like such subjects just skip this article. I have met VERY few people that get things at this level so I do assume this will be very very unorthodox for most yet very intuitive if you study it long enough and from enough angles)

I had a question which exact brands are my favorite remedies for colds and coughs?

I figured writing a whole post about it is best because otherwise, it would be a very long DM.

Some of the brands are probably not available outside of America but after years of testing many brands, I have come to find the ones I love very effective and fast working.

Now onto flu and colds. tt HAS (but it’s always been as far as I am concerned) become a very po- l – i- t-ical subject that no one is allowed to express any opinions on unless they fit in exactly with the big P.

I personally strongly subscribe to the idea from german new medicine – many such events are resolution events. the body experiences symptoms when a stressful, surprising conflict event has occurred at some point. When the healing crisis happens – we experience symptoms. Another observation of mine is that any time we are on the freeway for a full day we may feel cold symptoms the next day or for a few days due to excessive EMF exposure which can cause cellular damage.

Contagion for me is down the line – I don’t give others around me such power that they are responsible for my health. There is a victimhood element to accepting that we did absolutely nothing and bad luck and others made us sick. Contagion for me is more energetic- if their particles oscillate at a sick frequency and i am feeling off, underslept, toxic (say EMF) exposure then I could potentially also experience symptoms but if we want to reclaim true health we must really take things into our own hands. If we believe that others make us sick when we feel perfectly fine then there isn’t much we can do to really build health – we are in a victimhood frequency. we are subject to chance, fate, and bad luck.

As far as viruses go – from their discovery, they have been the subject of again big P so there is much misunderstanding there.

Per terrain theory, we are to let symptoms of detox (aka fevers, pus, etc) resolve on their own and I think there is some value to this but I also take remedies that can often assist the detox event and make it easier on the body.

Everything I mentioned above are subjects I’ve dedicated possibly thousands of hours to. I only glossed over them because nowadays (and in the past 200 years really) we are all meant to just agree with everything we are told and never have a mind of our own. Let alone deep research into such deep matters such as health. Health is possibly my biggest passion. It is a very complex deep subject that explores the states of the soul, the belief system (whatever we believe we create – if contagion is our religion then we experience it); it is a matter of finding a balance, living a clean and centered life, working with our minds to remove mental toxicity, movement, sun, earth, love and so much more.



I use herbal and homeopathic remedies with the understanding that we don’t always have to relieve symptoms. For example fevers are the body’s way of burning off toxins and cellular debris. Inflammation and swelling around injuries are also a good thing when acute. Long-term inflammation is very damaging and should be addressed. Stuff coming out of the nose – pus and serum and so forth should technically come out. Some remedies can stop that detox event, some can slow it down and many assist it- make the detox and the lymphatic detox smoother. The last are the best.



They taste amazing and work fast for colds and flu. Great for sore throat, runny nose, etc.

I like the child version for myself as well. I discovered that by a chance of course.

A funny side note I went to the brand creator’s herbal school many years ago. I rediscovered his brand recently.



This is a European brand and it is available everywhere in Europe and America.

Boiron Oscillococcinum for Relief from Flu-Like Symptoms of Body Aches, Headache, Fever, Chills, and Fatigue

Side note. I think I stumbled upon it in Bulgaria. My mom offered it one time. It works seemingly ok for fevers, body aches, and just the common cold. BUT I think it is derived from bird parts. In homeopathy there is no active ingredients- it is strictly frequency medicine which for me tends to work very very fast. The listed ingredients: “Oscillococcinum® is a patented homeopathic medicine that is made from a 1% solution of wild duck heart and liver extract, which is then serially diluted 200 times with water and alcohol.”


That makes it less fun to use 🙂

The reason I still have it on hand is that the contents is very user-friendly for children (as well as effective). It comes in small bottles filled with “fun” small sweet balls. My kid LOVES it and sometimes says she feels a bit off so she can have them lol. I dont give it to her in those times but my point is fussy kids love it and it DOES WORK!



I like a combination of herbal and homeopathic ones. This one is good

I tend to take kids’ remedies often because I try to always have a good medicine cabinet and they are always on hand.

My 6-year-old doesn’t like syrups. Homeopathic syrups taste amazing. They are basically honey syrups with no active ingredients – frequency honey sweet stuff but she says they are too sweet.

Another brand I use a lot

I also like other herbal brands. I tend to reach for homeopathy first. Second is the well child listed above.



For runny nose, headache, and sore throat I tend to use COLD CALM FOR KIDS first and foremost.

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