Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga Workshop Sofia Bulgaria September 13-15, 2019

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The workshop will be for all levels. Everything can be modified and adjusted if you are a complete beginner. Beginners will get to taste what the feel of yoga is when in the flow.


You can send payment directly to and leave a note “WORKSHOP

Early Bird Booking:
Until August 10th.
Entire workshop €100.00 EUR
A single Day €50.00 EUR
A single class €30.00 EUR

After August 10th

Entire Workshop €130.00 EUR
A single Day €70.00 EUR
A single class/ Drop-in €40.00 EUR
Student Discount 10%
(for other discounts or options contact me

After September 1st/ At the door (unless reserved earlier):
Entire workshop €150.00 EUR
A single Day €80.00 EUR
A single class/ drop in €45.00 EUR
If you do not have Paypal please contact me.
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The entire detailed program will be posted in a separate post.

For renting and sharing rooms, apartments and transportation fees you can join the workshop Facebook group and pair up with someone. Here is the group link

We will start on Friday with a Moonflow in the late afternoon followed by either a picnic at the park or a dinner at a restaurant. The details are to be determined based on the weather and everyone’s availability.

Moonflow- we will visit in togetherness everyone’s favorite twisty juicy classes with lots of Sun Salutations, hip opening and strengthening and Breathwork. Unwinding from travelling and moving the body and the energy.


Moving with freedom.

If the weather permits we will do a picnic in the park. Feel free to bring something yummy from your home country.

The after-class activities are of course optional.

Saturday morning – an Interval Yoga Power Flow. This is gonna be the class in which to give it your all and feel exhilarated. We will sweat and get the feel of a power yoga high.



Saturday late afternoon Vacuums and Fluid Flexibility and Visualization. I am excited to bring us all together and allow the group to hold space for each and every one of us so we can express gratitude and connect. Gratitude awareness, filling the heart with love, sitting with our darkness and light and honor everything that we are!

Sunday a guest teacher themed class.

Sunday Late Morning – Goodbye Flow. Working with mudras, breath and body awareness. Alignment work. Deepening the understanding of alignment points. Revisiting important poses and dissecting their alignment. Releasing the back and spine with yoga for the back.

I hope to see you there!!!

Please let me know if you will be coming soon so I can work on planning the event.

Love and Gratitude to my beautiful community!

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