30 Day Abs & Core Challenge 2

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Elisa here,

WOW! How did everyone enjoy the first ten days of this abs challenge? INCREDIBLE! I am so incredibly excited about it, I even think about it when I’m not doing the class! Thinking about the next class coming up and now that Ali has been doing this super cool Live video’s I have been doing a few as well. I initially thought that I would not see much of a difference but I actually am! I’m glad I took a “before” photo and I will take a “after” photo as well and send to Ali, please, if you haven’t already, take a “before” and “after” photo and send to Ali as well as keep for yourself to prove that her classes DO WORK and DO make a difference not just physically but also mentally! I am happier with myself, feeling more outgoing, positive and energetic…and then the benefits of looking good too. WIN WIN! Let’s get these next ten down! 🙂 HAVE FUN!

Day 11:

This class is a super oldie of Ali’s but my goodness, it’s a fun one. Trying to keep up with Ali in the sun salutations just reminds me of how strong she is, energetic,fit and also to NOT try to keep up but to focus on my own breath and form. This is some great core work right here! Throw in some leg work, side planks, plank…A quick energetic 15 minute class.

Day 12:

How does Ali always look like she’s not even sweating and feeling this? LOL. Is it by this time, on day 12, our core is numb or are you still feeling that beautiful ache? I love waking up with that slight achy feeling, not painful to the point of you don’t want to cough ( come on, you know that feeling) 😊but that slight “ohhh, I felt that, ohh, that kinda feels achy good” I LOVE that feeling…

Day 13:

Giving some HIIT class some love today. It’s the perfect amount of HIIT and the perfect amount of stretching and one of my favorite classes. The way Ali flows from one sequence to the next reminds me of a butterfly or a feather, with beauty and ease and grace. I know we should all just try to be the best of who we are but ya know what, I wanna be Ali…❤ Hehe…

Day 14:

This is I think, the 5th in her live classes. By the end of this challenge, we all are going to be some seriously strong people but a core you can crush a can on. BAHA!! Ok, don’t try that but we WILL be able to get to a 6 minute plank by the end of the Month long challenge and I can NOT wait!!!!

Day 15:

This class is going to be the hardest one ( at least for me) in these 10 days. Not HARD HARD but definitely a “talk to the screen” class. Admit it, how many times have you talked back?? Me, MANY!

Day 16:

I thought after yesterdays class, we can have this gorgeous not as strenuous but just as effective and adding some dumbells in for great shoulder work and arms. Of course LOVING the stomach vacs and we get some legs in as well. Perfect class for today!

Day 17:

One of Ali’s most beautiful classes ever to have been recorded. Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy, relax and feel the love. ❤

Day 18:

A abs/core only class, quick just about 15 minute class and you WILL feel it before, during and after. One of her hardest abs classes I think. You try keeping your leg off the ground near the end. Man oh man….Ali, HOW DO YOU DO IT! Admiration all around.

Day 19:

A stability ball is needed for this class, if you don’t have one, which, I don’t, I was using my kids boppity bop bouncy ball and that popped so you can use a chair for the elevated section or a short stool and some handweights for the crunches or nothing at all, depending on your level and how you’re feeling at this time.

Day 20:

We did it!!!! Day 20 down…..How are you feeling?? Comment below and let us know how you are feeling about these classes and overall challenge and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know and we will get back to you on them. I hope you all enjoyed these 10 days and I can’t wait for the next 10!

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