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Photo by Robert Collins

I hope your glutes are on fire now and you are ready for some full body flows and classes plus some booty 2.0s and core sequences.

This week is about HIITs and Flows. Next week we might embark on a Booty 2.0 and some other goodies.

Wednesday is all about that HIIT.

All Wednesday and Sunday links go live on Wednesday and Sunday 12 am Central Time. 




Creative Fluid, Hip Opening Class with Creative Fluid Dancers Abs Moves.




NEW MOON FLOW. The New moon is in Taurus so put on your most luxuriously comfortable pants and let’s focus on New Beginnings and Bringing Ideas into the Material Realm.


PRANA Mudra Vinyasa Flow

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  1. Garima's Gravatar

    Not able to open links of wednesday video and sunday also

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar
      Ali Kamenova 1st May 2019, 4:47 am

      The Wednesday and Sunday links will be available on the day they are scheduled for at 12 am central time- so very early morning. <3

  2. Garima's Gravatar

    Thanks for the reply .i’m enjoying my yoga class so happy and curious to start ..just want to know about diet ..will you provide diet plan also?

  3. Elisa's Gravatar

    Wonderful THursdays class Ali! At first I was thinking I needed a cardio class but went with day 2 and am so happy I did. I was way more tight than I thought and this was such a delicious hip opening full body massage of warmth….Feeling way better. I loved the hip opening chair ankle to knee back to dancers, that was great! And the yogi squats felt great. What a creative flow Ali. I love all the new thingies you’re bringing!! XOXO

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar
      Ali Kamenova 2nd May 2019, 5:15 pm

      I am glad you joined me in for it and that you enjoyed it. Also better to get back in the flow after your fun vacation without massive pushing.

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