Postpartum Foods. What to avoid

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Right after we give birth our bodies go through a massive healing, detoxing and repairing period. This is the time to support, nurture, love and nourish our bodies. After giving birth I knew that I wanted to put only light yet nourishing foods in my body. Things that are simple and easy to digest and assimilate. Foods that can provide me with hydration and nourishment without burdening my digestion. After all most of my energy is going into healing and producing milk and I want to support my body in its massive efforts to serve me.

The first few days after birth I had prepared fresh juicy dates, apples and oranges since all of these were in season. I drank massive amounts of water. I started making moringa latte which is known to help milk production (confirmed by double blind studies).

My moringa latte recipe is simple:

Blend 1/2 cup of nut milk with stevia and half a teaspoon of moringa powder. I prefer the coconut almond or cashew milk by Silk because it foams like a professional Latte.

Add the same amount of hot water to that. Done!


I also added a few drops of Fennel Essential Oil to my supplements because it can help  with milk production and it can help gassy babies. Get a good quality oil if you will be using it internally. Something like this one.

I am also diligent about taking my probiotics since that can help baby establish good digestion and strong immunity. Right now I am taking this one.

Your body is going through massive detox so make sure to not re-toxify your body with dairy and processed fats which can burden your liver (and affect your moods in turn) and even clog your milk production.

Milk proteins sensitivity is also one of the main factors contributing to baby colic, poo explosions, vomiting and excessive spitting, gas, wind, etc.

Some babies are allergic to the milk proteins and they may refuse the mother’s milk. It takes 2-3 weeks to get the proteins out of the mother’s system so make sure to quit before birth. That’s my personal piece of advice. I do know that cheese is hard to quit so my suggestion is buy some vegan cheeses like Chao, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Kite Hill, Leaf Cuisine and Daiya; also learn to make your own cheese at home with cashews, truffle oil, nutritional yeast, chickpea flour, tapioca flour and so forth.

One more thing – avoiding dairy during pregnancy and breastfeeding can lower your child’s risk of asthma and respiratory issues later in life.


My diet post birth included ample amounts of dates, apples, mulberries, almond coconut milk, bananas and other fruits. Some days I served these fruits with Peanut Butter Powder and some RAW cacao nibs. I slowly included veggies served with guacamole, nuts and tempeh to my diet in order to make sure that baby’s tummy will be ok with it. So far I know that she does not like me eating very very hot foods. The rest she is perfectly ok with. On very fruity days she seems to have no digestive issues.

I still make sure to take my vegan prenatal supplements .

I am drinking a glass of water each time I nurse plus seabuckthorn juice throughout the day.

There is so much more to cover when it comes to nutrition and pre- post birth so I will be back with more blog posts. For now baby is calling me so I must go.




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