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I have been living in California and Nevada for 16 years now and that has definitely made me more careful about my skin health. Sunny, Dry and Hot climates are so much fun but they have been so harsh on my skin. Nowadays I am an expert ūüėõ on using the best vegan, cruelty free, natural yet effective cosmetics. Plus I do love making videos or blogs about skin care… along with yoga, spirituality and herbalism I love vegan beauty stuff.

My approach to skin care is gentle. I mostly focus on hydration and concentrated ingredients. That’s why I love serums. I will just share a small portion of the things I am loving now. I have tested a lot of serums so far but i generally share my top picks- my criteria is absolutely void of toxic ingredients, affordable price, cruelty free and effective. ¬†Serums as category¬†are free of fillers and in addition the ones I use are free of toxic and harmful ingredients. You have to be very careful about the things that¬†you put on your skin. Parabens have been found in breast tumor tissue and so are a lot of the other toxic ingredients that are present in¬†the popular skin care brands.

OK onto my all time favorite serums and skin care items:

I do love my Vegan California Brands <3

  • About Once a week I do enjoy¬†a treatment mask and this one is professional strength Pumpkin Peel by MyChelle¬† of course. My favorite face mask of all time. It also works very fast so you can use it on your face while brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, etc.
  • or
  • the Fruit Enzyme Mask by Andalou
  1. I always have a Vitamin C staple serum Р MyChelle Vitamin C Serum

for mobile.

This is a clean strong serum and I tend to use it first on freshly washed skin as my first layer.


2.1. ¬†For my night time¬†I use my¬†Lumene Arctic Berry Cocktail Oil¬†because it is a bit on the oilier side so I only use it at night. You may know about my love affair with Lumene, a finish company that uses arctic plant concentrates and extracts and some of their products are still the best I have used so far despite the medium range price. ¬†ūüôā¬†

3. For SPF I like Andalou Naturals Skin Perfecting BB Natural Tint SPF 30 Beauty Balm it is lightly tinted and it uses Zinc Oxide which is the cleanest SPF option.

or Badger Zinc Oxide Sunblock  which I have talked about on my channel


For the past 10 months I have been using mostly pacifica and 100% pure MAKE UP ITEMS. They are very very clean plus I like to support these companies.

I am enjoying the Pacifica Lipsticks and Mascara  or the 100% Pure Mascara

I also have a few of the Pacifica palettes and I love them. They have added coconut extract to them PACIFICA MYSTICAL EYE SHADOW PALETTE

For my eye liner I use NYX at the moment and I have no complains at all. It is a lower price range – very affordable and cruelty free and it doesn’t smear, smudge or cause eye irritation.

My make up is that basic. I generally use an eye liner which i touch up with an eyeshadow from the palette in order to soften the eyeliner plus mascara and a lipstick. On a fancy outing day I would use my palette for a bit of a highlighter and maybe a highlighter on my lids but that’s about it. I am low maintenance when it comes to make up. A one minute deal and I am out the door. Basically if I get enough sleep I will look good and if I don’t get enough sleep there’s not much i can do about it but look rough. I am still loving my sleepless nights nonetheless. I t is such special time with my daughter and honestly she sleeps a lot. If i don’t get enough sleep it is usually my excitement to get up and get on with my day. I am very excited about work and spending time with her so i tend to get up early and just buzz around with anticipation. (for example I am writing this blog while waiting for hr to wake up)

For lipstick I decided to switch over to Pacifica Lipsticks because I kiss my daughter so much that I wanted it to be a less staining, less oily lipstick that simply gives me a tad of color and it is real clean. This is the one I am loving¬†PACIFICA DEVOCEAN LIPSTICK – REBEL SOL¬†I think I will forever love my REDS on and off ūüėÄ

For a deodorant I cannot speak highly enough of the Schmidt’s Brand¬†¬†and if you like hippy woody tree roots scents get the¬†Cedarwood Juniper¬†otherwise they do have Ylang Ylang + Calendula, LAVENDER + SAGE¬†and Unscented¬†and a bunch more. They are based on shea butter, arrowroot powder and baking soda and they WORK!

I also have Arm & Hammer Natural Deodorant for a lower priced one. It is again baised on baking soda and it is paraben and aluminum free. I avoid aluminum like the plague… haha it’s a neurotoxin … toss any aluminum based deodorant you have in your home. You want to sweat or otherwise you are not detoxifying properly from the lymphs around the armpits which is so close to your breasts… anyways, I wont go into this today.

PERFUME THAT I DIE FOR is the Pacifica Sandalwood Perfume!!!! <3 <3 <3 I seriously LOVE IT!

For hair I love SUN BUM 3 in 1 Beach Formula  smells like banana surf board wax or old school sunning lotion. I seriously love the smell even though it is not a granola crunchy earthy smell.  It provides UV protection for the hair plus it is great if you swim of are spend time in the sun. It is Cruelty Free and USA made.

BTW I started working with a new yoga brand¬†OnzieGear so you will see me wearing their yoga outfits quite a bit ūüôā

If you have any suggestions for makeup or skincare or if you have requests for future blogs or videos please post below and I would love to share.

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  1. gerraine santos's Gravatar

    Almost bought NYX eyeliner until discovered it’s made in China. So not cruelty free since China requires animal testing.

    I know you promote cruelty free, which is wonderful. Please check in to this. Lot of companies, like Clinique, advertise cruelty free, yet sell to China! Thank you for your yoga videos and blogs, which I’ve been following for years.

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      Ah, I remember having it. This is an older post of mine. Right now I am using BAEBLU and it is organic . The NYX i think is the cheap version for things without animal ingredients but as you said they are most certainly tested on animals if they are coming from china. Many people do not have the money to buy the expensive ones so not sure which is a cheaper kohl. I got it one time when I was ina hurry and I somewhat knew that NYX is a bit better than revlon. When I bought it they were considered cruelty free but this is what i am reading now: “NYX is cruelty-free!
      NYX does not test their products or ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world. However, it should be noted that NYX is owned by L’Oreal, a corporation that is still testing on animals in 2019 when required by law.Jul 24, 2019” I will do an updated skincare and makeup post soon. Sorry about this.

      • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

        Also, I just double-checked because its been a while. Mine was made in Germany. I am sure they are cutting corners now. Best to go with small companies but again good to find cheaper ones to recommend as many of my subscribers are in college or on lower-income.

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