Matcha Chocolate Coconut Vegan Sugar-Free Cappuccino

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Every so often I enjoy a decadent matcha cappuccino and a few of you have asked me how I make it. The recipe is super simple! Vegan and Sugar free, Soy Free

By the way I am making sure to get all my sugar in while drinking it – California Medjool Date season started!!!!! WOOHOOOOO



coconut vegan matcha tea chocolate sugar free ingredients

coconut vegan matcha tea chocolate sugar free ingredients

1 tsp fine ground high quality matcha tea powder

1 tsp cacao powder (I started using Hershey and Ghirardelli after having a really and luck with all the fancy raw chocolate powders- these two and the one from Trader Joe’s are free of mold contaminants. The trader joe’s one is the most boring as far as taste goes.)

1/2 cup of coconut milk

a splash of coconut/soy/almond creamer – optional

2 stevia packets or stevia drops

Boiling water

Blender or Milk Frother

first mix the matcha and cocoa powder with a bit of the cold milk and mix until smooth, lump free. Add hot milk and water. I usually use half milk to half water or 1/3 milk to 2/3 water but you can adjust the quantities to your taste. You can blend it or use frothier to make it frothy. It won’t get a huge head but good enough!

matcha tea chocolate sugar free ingredients

matcha tea chocolate sugar free ingredients




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  1. meganmoon's Gravatar

    finally got around to trying this as i happned to have all of the ingredients bar stevia. added some vanilla essence and fruit syrup instead. DIVINE!!! thank you!!! xX

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