***Abundant Harvest*** Local Organic Produce Boxes

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Supporting Our Local Farmers by Buying Locally Grown Produce

“Abundant Harvest”

By Laura Jones-Miller (my friends and family call me Lolly)

So…Love Lolly this is their website where you can subscribe for the weekly/monthly delivery of organic produce.

organic box3 organic box1 box orgnic organic truck

Buying locally grown produce from our local farmers is an amazing way to accomplish a lot of things at one time. 1) You get a beautiful box full of organic produce every week. I always enjoys the goal of using it all up with great benefit to my body! 2) You are part of a growing group who, by buying a weekly box, are providing many people with employment…farmer, field hands, the crew who fills the boxes, the truck drivers, and the host who masks sure you get your box, and also mans the computer to answer questions, solve problems, and facilitate order changes. I pass out flyers for The Abundant Harvest service to everyone. It seems to me that we are in a world very busy eliminating  jobs (often for environmental reasons…an example would be plastic shopping bags…yes they are horrible for the environment and should be eliminated…BUT, a lot of people will lose their jobs…and we all know how scarce jobs are right now).  I think it is up to us all to watch over one another to make this a better world.  You need lovely, organic vegetables anyway…why not buy them in a way that makes this world a little better. On a closing note, many times I have heard people say that they can not eat the whole box in a week. Why not buy the box and share with friends , or split the box cost and contents with a friend. Abundant Harvest will also donate portions of your box to the needy…When I go on vacation, they give the entire contents of my box to a shelter. Win, win, and win…Oh, and just an tty bitty aside…the tomatoes are to die for…they taste exactly like my Papaw grew them in that lovely Missouri lovely soil…Love, light, and eat your vegetables, ever Lolly

P.S. i am including some of my own local delivery box photos – mine are from the CSA boxes.

csa farm veggie delivery box

csa farm veggie delivery box


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