German Vegan Apple Pie with Vanilla Cream and Spelt flour Crumble

  • At my yoga workshop last month in Germany I ended up not only having an amazing yoga time with all the beautiful yogis, I was also able to enjoy a lot of the local German food and I must say I did have some spectacular meals. One afternoon when we were grabbing a bite (OK when I say a bite I actually mean a huge … and I mean HUGE, overfilled plate of prepared vegan dishes that were amazing) ┬áin a rush at a local vegan restaurant I saw this scrumptious looking dessert called Appletarte that I didn’t get to try but I have to say I was mystified by the vanilla cream and crumbly goodness. Vanessa, a gorgeous local yogini, a mother and a lawyer turned healthy recipe developer in her spare time , promised she will create a healthy recipe version for our Interval Yoga community. With the winter Holidays approaching I think this can be the perfect thing to bring or serve at your party this season.

    Vegetarian Restaurant Dusseldorf

    Vegetarian Restaurant Dusseldorf


    I will give it a try for Christmas, Thanksgiving or any chance for celebration I get ­čśÇ


    Recipe and photos by Vanessa Winterberg vanessa  vanessa balance

    I.) the dough:

    vegan dough


  • 100 gr. organic wholemeal Spelt flour, 1tsp. dried yeast (For strict Vegans who don’t wan’t to take yeast, take 1 tsp.Baking Powder). 30g margarine(hydrogenated fat free), very good quality!!! Vegetarians take eco-Butter! 30 g organic brown sugar

    50 ml Almond- or Oatmilk, handwarm, 1 pinch real Vanilla,

    Mix everything and knead with your Hands till dough is elastic. When using yeast, cover the bowl with clingfilm and let ist rest in a warm place for approx. 1-2 Hours. Put it in a springform and let it rest again for 30 Minutes. Dough with baking powder can be used immediately!

    II. the Filling

    filling vegan vanilla cream


1 liter Oat- or Almondmilk (or a mixture made of 800 ml vegan Milk and 200 ml vegan Cream or fat Coconutmilk-yummy!!!), 2,5 Packs of Vanillapuddingpowder for cooking (in Ger, a Pack contains approximately 40 gr, so you need, about 100 gr.) 100g org. brown sugar

Make a firm pudding as described on the Puddingpackage and let it cool down a little bit (not to long, or it will get to firm to process it!)

Meanwhile heat the Oven, you need a Temperature of 160 (hot air) to175 ┬░ Celsius/ Fahrenheit – 347┬░┬á┬áif you use the regular function of the oven, which is BETTER.

Cut 4-5 Baking-Apples (best are Cox Orange or Boskop, but any Apple with a strong aroma and which is not to juicy will do) in quarters and slice them. Spread with cinnamon, 40g brown sugar and 1 Tablespoon org. raisins.

III. The Crumble

150 gr org. wholemeal speltflour, 100 g best trans fat free Margarine , 70 g brown org. Sugar, a little pinch of salt,

mix it quickly till you have nice crumbles; optional add 100 g Almonds, or any other kind of nuts, you can also experiment with flavours as, of course, cinnamon, Cardamom, lemon and orange peel or ginger!

IV. Finishing the Cake:

Spread Pudding on the dough, spread apple mixture on the pudding and crumbles on top.

Place the cake IMMEDIATELY and QUICKLY in the hot Oven !

Let it bake for aprox. 50-60Minutes.

  • Let it bake for aprox. 50-60Minutes.


    ┬áThe hardest part is to let the cake cool down completely before you eat it, but it’s really worth doing it! If you take away the springform to soon and cut it , everythzing will end up in a mushy mess! And I promise it is 100% worth waiting, you get an abolutely gorgeous taste and consistence if you let it rest!
    So let’s regard this recepy as a training for our Yogic goal of 1.being patient ;-)) and 2. not being controlled by our desires (hehehe)

    Best is, to do it in the early evening, let it cool down and then let it rest in the fridge overnight.

    Next day cover it with sieved icing sugar, cut in pieces – and- enjoy!

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