Date Fasting

fresh dates and matcha
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***In the photo above fresh barhi dates and matcha.  I consume matcha every other day or so but if you do not consume caffeinated drinks then do not go out of your way to add that to your diet. Fresh, wet packed or soaked dry dates are ideal for this fast. How do you know if a date is dry? Dry dates are usually exactly as their name suggests very dry and low in water. I generally use wet packed medjools as these are available for 5-6 months of the year. Super fresh barhi dates season lasts about 3-4 weeks so that is not a common treat for me.

a random bumper sticker

a random bumper sticker


Below is the most common fresh date variety I can get. These are local and I typically buy them directly from the farmers. You can always substitute dates for a local variety of seasonal fruit.



I really wanted to share in plain terms how I do a “date fast” whenever I need some extra healing. I have had great results from date fasting when healing, preparing the body for pregnancy, injury recovery and healing digestive issues.

You might wanna be doing something while watching this video as it is long and I am having a distracting but cute company. Let me know if there is a subject you want me to elaborate on next.

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