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A few people asked me for a what-I-eat-in-a-day.

You may or may not know but my diet is predominantly raw and made out of plants however today you may get inspired to make a raw salad as a side to your meat or other foods that are a part of your diet. I don’t promote one style of diet but I strongly feel what works really well for me and what I would love to do for life. Maybe prana will be our diet in the distant future as we move up the evolutionary scale. Food is frequency and information so everyone actually has a particular diet that resonates with them and has the capacity to take them into the next level of their journey. All vegan and all raw is not the diet for everyone. I also believe in the use of herbs, some supplements, etc.

After many years on such a diet, I have no issues digesting cruciferous or other veggies. I pretty much have seamless digestion – I believe it is from the raw food microbiome building benefits. If you have digestive issues I do believe that you can overcome them with patience, faith, and a consistent diet.

I have cold digestion according to Human Design which means I should eat cold and raw foods and if I cook my food too often or too much my body will “burn” the food and I will not be able to benefit from it. I am also a Pitta and I do have a lot of my own digestive fire. Some people need lightly cooked and warm meals. That can be done with steaming, even dehydrating (if you want to keep them raw), baking, etc. I am not big on fried food- by that I mean I never ever eat anything fried. I don’t think it is valuable to humans. Maybe the wok style quick searing is better suited if you need that type of flavor.

I have not had a chance to shoot a video about my food and I am not sure there is any interest in that so if you want a video please let me know. Otherwise, we can get a good idea with an article on it.

This is:



It is a long post so I apologize about that but i wanted to be descriptive.

I think the What I eat in a day trend is a double-edged sword because, on one hand, you can get really good ideas about healthy meals and habits from others but on the other hand, Youtube turned it into perfection-fest.

I like to keep things on my platforms informative and of value to others.

My food has been more or less exactly the same for the last almost a year (except for during traveling and the summer fruit abundance season when some things had to be different).

I pretty much have to eat a few basic things daily in order to feel my best.

I do a form of intermittent fasting – always. So I have 1- meal a day and some snacks. In summer in Bulgaria, I did less intermittent fasting and a few meals a day due to a different schedule. If we visited my mom I would have her soup or veggies mid-day. She cooks pretty much the same stuff I do. My family always has a ton of fruit and fresh produce on hand.

Here are the 3 categories that I have to include in my diet daily:

  1. Fresh seasonal fruit

– melons, grapes, apples, persimmons, bananas, etc. whatever I happen to have. Often just simple fruits – grapes, mandarins, melons etc. but I also make fun fruit salads, fruit cereals, fruit cakes. 

2 Dates or date rolls or date balls.

If I miss this component then I will have to eat stuff that is less than optimal after dinner in order to feel satisfied. Dates are amazing – great for your health, a great essential sugars source, antiparasitic, very nutritive, blood sugar balancing. At the end, I will share an excerpt from the Medical Medium about dates that may surprise many of you. date rolls and date balls are so indulgent. I tend to prefer them in winter or during ovulation, or in the premenstrual phase when my requirement for calories goes up. I often eat them cereal style with cashew milk and almond protein or pumpkin seed protein and carob. I’ve shared that in the past- it’s sinfully delicious yet you can have it every single day lol. 

I have enjoyed the Natural Delights brand a lot. Or simple dates. Date chocolates and date balls are also amazing.

3. A huge salad with a creamy dressing.

I try to use 3 types of seeds and avocado in each dressing – I use hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds almost daily. For the salad base I like iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes (high water content), other chopped greens, cabbage, napa cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, spiralized zucchini, carrots, or whatever I happen to have in my fridge.

the general recipe for the dressing is:

4 stalks of celery or so

a few handfuls of spinach or dandelion or both

a scoop of Irish moss – I have been using this brand. It’s very salty and not pondy so when I use it I don’t need salt at all. it’s used as a thickener as well – as skin supplement, etc.

Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice


2tbsp to 1/3rd of a cup of hemp seeds (I pretty much pour it in most of the time so my measurements are an estimate). 1 tbsp or so of each pumpkin and flax seeds.

Half an avocado.

A few carrots – sometimes I omit the carrots as they give it a bit of a brownish-green color whereas without them it is pure sparkling almost fluorescent green (in a pretty way). They provide sweetness although I am not big on adding sweetness to the dressing.

Usually, I keep the dressing the same because this works for me as far as flavor and nutrition go.

I serve my salad with: sprouted lentils on top, torn-up nori sheets (really recommended), Aleppo pepper, lots of dulse flakes (also salty and a good source of iodine).

Sometimes I do supplement with iodine. Since my mold exposure which did affect my thyroid at the time, I discovered a great iodine supplement with homeopathic iodine and thyroid added to it – THYADINE – this tiny bottle has 370 servings so it will last you years. I take an odd drop maybe once a week, sometimes more often sometimes less. If you have mystery weight gain issues, tiredness or other thyroid-related issues look into it. I particularly like this brand because of the homeopathic thyroid added to it. When my thyroid swelled up due to toxic mold exposure literally one day of this supplement made the swelling go away. Also good to take before x rays or air travel when we get exposed to extra levels of radiation.

If I run out of greens then I make a dressing with more carrots or raw squash or whatever I have in the kitchen.

I mandoline all the ingredients thin. Takes me around 30 secs to create a massive bowl and even 2 massive bowls (some leftovers). I recently bought a food processor that I have used daily since I received it. It is the 13 cup elemental food processor. it also has a zucchini spiralizer. 4 years ago Jonny’s aunt recommended it to me at a Thanksgiving family get-together and my only wish is that I had bought it back then. It is a must-have for a raw or any kitchen. I make patties and dips in the small bowl. It has MANY attachments. If I could be a rep for the processor I might consider it- joke. I bought it refurbished on ebay – so that’s a money saving tip.

4. Miscellaneous foods and snacks.

In summer the snacks tend to be more fruit-based drinks. Lately, since its fall I have been blending raw cranberries with either stevia or dragon fruit or lemon and water. I always blend up hydrating drinks throughout the day.

Lattes, cocoas, matcha. 

Chocolates or PB Cups.

I have also been indulging myself in some very high-end coffees. Recently I read old lectures by Rudolf Steiner and the value of coffee on the astral body and the logical, dot-connecting, conclusion drawing mind. The funny thing is I consider myself a dot-connector. I love information and having massive realizations when seemingly unrelated things connect. On the other hand, my partner said when he was in his 20s he loved to write all day, have coffee, then do a nighttime yoga session and he would every time astral travel after that. That was a bit of a side note here.

Our sweet potato harvest. some rats discovered that we grow them :).



I have tried a few different brands of coffee: Coava, Stumptown, merit, Cuvee, etc.

If you want to try coava they give each customer a friend referral which I already used with a friend once- it gives you $10 off and $10 off for me and you can do the same with your family if you give them your code- a good way for them to have you come back and buy more coffee haha. Here is a link for $10 off – 

(the company doesn’t know me – I learned about them from my mother-in-law and genuinely enjoy them and recommend them to friends. Jonny’s mom got it for us as a 3-month subscription for our birthdays.)

A lot of these boutique coffee companies have a cool mission statement and they support the local farmers they work with.  I am typically after Ethiopia and Kenya coffee. I did quit coffee for 9 months this year but now I am enjoying a warm cup in the morning.

Salad Sides:

It’s a bit colder so I have been having a side of cooked beans with the salad, a side of steamed peas, corn, nut butter, etc.

I’ve been liking a new to me nut butter – sacha inchi.

I also have a slice of my sourdough bread when I cook one which has been often. I make a small loaf almost every other day. It typically disappears the same day or within the following day.

I have also included (not daily) steamed potatoes, sweet potatoes, squashes, pumpkin pie, teff fermented, etc.

As long as I get the main components of my meals the rest is whatever I am drawn to.

Time for creativity, fun, and trying new recipes, foods.

I have no cravings really. My food has become simple in a way. Delicious nonetheless. If I enter it into cronometer I get all my nutrients and then some. Maybe it’s less of a foodie’s food but it is a very basic yet nourishing diet.


That’s about it. I emphasize raw food. I like a level of simplicity in my diet. I do make sure I get ALL my nutrients in – zinc, calcium, omega 3s, folate, etc.



Although I don’t think we need to count calories it is good to have an idea of what you need and your nutrient intake so you don’t lack in something long term.

My caloric intake varies based on the time of the month, my activity level, the season, etc.

I periodically track all my nutrients – I pay attention to zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Overall it is somewhere in the 2000 calories range – sometimes if I am active more. Dates tend to add up and often times I wonder if their caloric value is accurate. A box of Natural Delights is 1200 calories and I do gobble up more than that ina. day. When you eat whole foods typically there isn’t much weight gain or reason to worry about your weight. The main reason for making sure you get sufficient calories is so that you are underfed and ravenous for junk foods the next day. It is also important to know that whole foods don’t add up the same way processed foods do. Personally – I need the dates and the sweet fruits daily or I will definitely try to get calories from less optimal sources. I get around 50-80 sometimes more but not often grams of protein a day – possibly on the lower end than most people but enough in the amino acid profile. I get around 15% of calories from both fat and protein more or less (it varies). sometimes I can have 25% of calories from fat. I haven’t been doing low fat on purpose – that is needed during stages of intense detox and healing. When I did my mold exposure healing I did fewer calories from fat and I do feel my internal organs and gut fully repaired.


Here is the info on dates

From the Medical Medium: Dates are amazing for the digestive system. As one of the most anti-parasitical foods on the planet, dates bind onto, destroy, and sweep away parasites; yeast, mold, and another fungus; heavy metals; unproductive bacteria; viruses; and other poisonous pathogens from the gut. It makes them one of the most beneficial Candida killers known to humankind—despite the mis- information out there about dates feeding Candida. (For more on the truth about this condition, see the entire chapter devoted to it in my first book, Medical Medium.) Dates also help restore peristaltic function in the intestines, retraining the intestinal tract after paralysis or dysfunction to move properly and expel any rotting food.
Contrary to popular belief, dates are also an ideal food for people dealing with diabetes and hypoglycemia, because they deliver vital glucose to the liver—addressing the very glucose loss that’s responsible for blood sugar issues. They’re also ideal for athletes and other adventurous and active people, as the high potassium and fruit sugar content is perfect for refueling the brain and muscles, which rely on glucose to power you through exercise.
Dates are rich in nearly 70 bioactive minerals (much higher than is documented) that support the adrenal glands to help you handle life’s daily challenges. One of the most heart-healthy foods available, dates also contain a record-breaking, undiscovered amount of amino acids. Similar to what happens with bananas, the amino acids in dates, such as leucine, help elevate the fruit’s potassium to its highest potential in sustaining and fortifying muscles and nerves. This process also stops lactic acid from taking over the body when it’s under stress.
Dates are a warming food that expels dampness from organs such as the spleen and liver, though not to the point of creating unproductive dryness. Dates are also abundant in anti-cancerous properties, making them a must for anyone seeking disease prevention and optimal health.
If you have any of the following conditions, try bringing dates into your life:
Diabetes, hypoglycemia, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), cardiovascular disease, fungal infections, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hypertension, lung cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, aneurysm, post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), narcissistic personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), adrenal fatigue, phobias, chronic sinusitis, rosacea, schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), tuberculosis, vertigo, eating disorders, insomnia, gum disease, edema
If you have any of the following symptoms, try bringing dates into your life:
Blood sugar imbalances, mucus in the stool, Candida overgrowth, constipation, muscle fatigue, earache, dizziness, shortness of breath, vaginal pain, heart palpitations, anxiousness, sweats, urinary urgency, lack of focus and concentration, tremors, food allergies, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, ringing or buzzing in the ears, spasms, tics, head pain, headaches, gum pain, ear pain, cough, confusion, brain fog
Eating dates can put up a shield around you, providing protection from people who feel jealousy toward you. And while you sleep, they help to release your own stored-up toxic emotions— such as fearfulness, shame, demoralization, and the sense of being judged, wronged, or bullied. Ultimately, dates strengthen your sense of purpose so you can be your most productive and enthusiastic.
Dates teach us to shift from selfishness to selflessness. Their sweet, nourishing nature can be positively addicting—their delicious flavor so enjoyable that we tend to want to keep them all to ourselves. The lesson is in holding back from hoarding your supply of dates. Eat only a few at a time, so you can share your bounty with others. Watching friends and family smile as they take the dates’ sustenance into their bodies will help you cleanse yourself of greed, reorient toward giving, and ultimately recognize the truth that connecting to your inherent selflessness is an essential component of spiritual success.
* To experience dates’ maximum benefits, eat four to six daily.
* If you’re in need of a better night’s sleep, eat one date two hours before you retire for bed.
* For a more profound experience from whichever form of meditation you choose, eat three dates before you begin your session.
* When you’re packing for a trip that involves uncertainty about when, where, or how you’ll find food along the way, seal one date in plastic wrap and stow it in your pocket or baggage. You don’t have to actually eat the date on your journey (although it’s great for an emergency)—rather, this traveling date will be your good luck charm to help ensure you never go hungry.



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  1. Valentine's Gravatar

    I’ve tried quite a few of your great recipes and am also vegan, but while I was researching and talking to my neurologist – I also bounced my head of the iron streetcar tracks and now get seizures as an adult – and another doctor they suggested I look into vegetables that are healthier prepared cooked – the article suggested to me is this :
    Consumer Reports is reputable and science-based, and has been around for almost a century and is deemed trustworthy by millions. This is a suggestion for others who want to change up or modify diets backed by researchers and data analysts.
    They do not, however, delve into the spirituality/healing side which is unfortunate, and I am so grateful that you provide this information based on your own experiences and research as incorporating both aspects into my life (thank you) has helped greatly and has affected my life for the much better. Thank you 🙂
    PS Hemp hearts are one of the greatest additivies to my diet – also suggested by neuros, as they contain so much healthy fats and lipids as to assist the brain in healing. I do not know if the US sells them. peace and love

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar

      I do believe that different things work for different people. Cooked vegetables could work better for many – or typically a mix of both. Our bodies will tell us :). Hope you find solutions

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