Improving Hormonal Heath, PMS, Fertility, Menopause and Diet

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Recently I shared a blog on my Raw diet and I listed some of the benefits I have experienced while switching to a more raw diet or to a raw diet. I switched from a diet that was high on raw and it was minimally processed (processing such as fermentation, thermal – steaming, or blending). So all in all my diet was great already but it lacked in abundant greens. However, I forgot to list one major benefit I have experienced… more on that further down this blog.


I still have a lot of learning to do. I am on a forever learning journey. I have not discovered the answers to any of my questions but rather a direction in which I need to dive deeper and deeper into the field of eternal knowledge. We are never at our destination especially here on Earth. We are forever evolving and learning and finding gentle new ways that we can adapt to on our path. I am always going to tweak and change my diet, habits, routines, etc. So by no means do I have things figured out. Anyone that claims they do is not on the list of the people I learn from. I strive to study from people who have humility and understanding of the vastness of existence and expansion; people who search for truth and wisdom and have the desire to continuously evolve.

As I enter other stages of life I will add new herbs, new routines, new tools but I intend to keep the main outline of my diet now which is fresh, a lot of raw, and a lot of greens. I think this can benefit every person at any stage.

I had to say all of this so it doesn’t appear as I am one of the crazy raw foodists that know it all and are better than everyone else – you know the type hehe. I am so scared of boxes I will start rebelling and eating donuts lol.


The whole reason I share this is that I personally wish I knew this when I was a teen. I do not believe that 100% Raw is what is making all the difference for me here. I believe it is mostly due to the addition of greens. I also shifted my fats from coconuts and nuts and tofu to a lot of avocadoes. You should see my shopping card lately – I look like a legit raw foodist – far too many avocadoes, greens, herbs, fruits, and a few miscellaneous things.  Right now I must have 8 giant avocadoes in my fridge and 8 small ones. Sadly I have not seen any variety here in Texas- only different sizes of HASS Avocaodes. I loved the varieties in California and Hawaii. I will take any good avocadoes though.

Let’s get started.

I was a HUGE advocate of greens until I got pregnant and then I had to take a pause from certain greens. Greens actually were the key element that helped me heal from heavy mold exposure.

It has taken me 4-5 years to get back to my previous diet but with a lot of changes to it.

My new diet has a focus on greens daily – in the form of varied greens smoothies and green energy soups; I also include seaweeds daily;

other daily additions – medicinal mushrooms and bamboo silica extract (cannot tell you that they work; there is no possible way to measure that).

One thing I forgot to mention in my diet blog (which turned out to be more about the consciousness of water than about other things) is that I have seen some improvement in my hormonal health.

As I said, my diet was good before and I still recommend it although most diets should be rotated and greens should be included in most vegan diets. Exception for a ton of greens (and this comes from my personal research and feeling) is when there is dairy and protein included in the diet certain high oxalic acid greens could post a problem in the form of kidney stones. Greens alone appear benign but combined with dairy they could form into sand, gravel, and stones in different organs.

Something about greens however is very cleansing to the intestinal tract- it appears to be a broom for fungal, parasitical infestation, and bacterial overgrowth. A long time ago I read somewhere that they sanitize or sterilize the digestive tract- that’s not to say that they wipe out all flora – on the contrary – they feed and rebalance the “good” flora. I must add here that all flora is basically good flora. The so-called bad flora is simply crowding some toxins that we have been or continuously ingest. I think in the case of gluten intolerance we are not only talking about the altered chemistry of the hybridized new forms of wheat but also the glyphosates that are attached to the protein in wheat. The candida or other bad flora is reacting to the chemicals and trying to clean it up from the body so it appears as if we have a candida overgrowth which can very well be just too high glyphosates content in our food. Glyphasates nowadays are sprayed on everything nonorganic.

But I digress. Since I was a child I used to think faster than I can talk so I would trip over subjects trying to keep up with the sense that my mind made 10 minutes ago.

Back to hormones and the diet. Of course, diet is extremely important in hormonal health. That goes without saying.

Here is my history.

I tried to be vegan and mostly vegetarian in my teens and 20s and most of the attempts were semi unsuccessful because at the time I had no idea how important greens are.

I kept going back to a lot of dairy in the form of yogurt and sheep yogurt mostly – good dairy in other words. Dairy seems to affect the hormonal health of women directly. It is after all the fluid of a hormonal nursing cow. It is packed with hormones that give us ques to pack on weight; it feeds fast-growing tissues. Cows eat greens only (if they are fed their natural diet) so basically, we can skip the middleman and go straight to greens.

While I was still eating dairy, I was back and forth for years, I had late periods, crazy cramps, I was also an emotional mess during the PMS phase (typically I felt the lack of connection with my close ones); I suspect I had cysts and I had chronic sinusitis and tonsilitis. Dairy is quite sticky for the lymphatic system so that explains the cysts and the tonsilitis. The tonsils are a part of the lymph system. Thankfully my tonsils were always enlarged and never fit for removal surgery so they stayed in :).

I have never taken any pharmaceuticals at all. I used to swear by the infrared light and some herbs. They were originally what cleared up my cramps. That was around 10ish years ago. An infrared light right on the lower back tends to clear all cramps if placed right when the cramps start to build up. Some herbal formulas are absolutely magical for the female “pipes”. The formulas are mostly tree and plant roots and such – piping system-looking herbs.

Once I quit the dairy that whole tonsil issue was forever resolved. I don’t even have a genetic weakness or a predisposition there. It is like a non-place of weakness for me.

Also no more colds and flus whatsoever.

The Flu is typically a detox process. If we don’t fast regularly we get the flu so we can drain all that mucus and toxicity out of the system. If it is caused by Vit D deficiency or less of oxygen in the air in winter or extra EMF pollution then that is a subject for a different blog.

The flu imitates a fast- it asks us to not eat – we lose our appetite and if we are smart we would listen to that. Fasting on the other hand imitates the flu – body aches, muscle aches and pains, drainage from the nose and throat- mucus, digestive clearing, etc.

When I went high in greens around 10 or fewer years ago I noticed that my cramps went away; my periods became regular and no more PMS mood swings. Still, my diet was by no means perfect.

Now that I switched from a whole food vegan diet back to a raw (I probably will cycle things with the seasons and I will feel my way forward) I noticed a few improvements:

my periods start on the Full Moon

no PMS of any sort. The only thing I feel before a period – a day or two before it starts I have a knowing it starting. It is a hard to describe sensation –  the downward flow of meridians or energy feel. I feel the energy flowing downwards not on a physical level. That also makes sense within the Chinese medicine system of meridians and direction of energy. You can also eat foods that have downward energy flow and that can stimulate the process.

No mood changes, moodiness, nervousness, or really any change to my moods. Just zero PMS.

No cravings for special different foods.

Also zero cramps. I had no cramps on the whole food vegan diet either but I had just a little bit of a feeling of the uterus. Hard to explain. Like a crampless cramp- no pain but a sense of the period.

Zero bloating. My stomach is flat as a board on the day of the period.

Zero water retention before, during, or after.

No drop in energy levels

This one goes with the hormones but I hardly eat any greens on the 1-3 days before my period begins. I only crave fruit and it is a very strong craving and no desire for greens whatsoever. That is ok because I have my bank full and I can go for a day with just a bit of greens in my smoothie and skip the salad.  In general throughout the years I have learned that my appetite drops for the first day of my period. I am sure it has to do with the hormone drop.

Lighter periods- just a tad lighter and shorter maybe. They were not heavy to begin with. Often heavy periods come with a denser, heavier, or fattier diet. (not always; many factors here)


All in all, they are an uneventful event. As if nothing at all happened. If it is not for the bleeding I wouldn’t know by any other signs or symptoms. I feel light prior, during, and after the period. That’s a good feeling and one worth sharing as I know how big an issue PMS and hormonal health is in our world.


I would assume the same strategy but with more seeds incorporated would work well for menopause and fertility issues. Of course, more tweaking of herbs and foods will be needed but the main framework of the diet will be the same. We all have to figure out our own bodies. That’s the beauty of a healing journey. We heal not just on a physical level. We have to dig into the energy body, emotional trauma, belief system, negative mind loops and so forth. Improving our health is a spiritually transforming journey.


If I can give you one very important piece of advice it will be to use cronometer or other diet tracking app in order to make sure that you are getting all your nutrients on most days.

Every time I change my diet I do use it just to see if I am meeting most nutritional requirements. On a vegan diet, my eye goes first to calcium, zinc, lysine (amino acid), less so iron as everything I eat is high in iron.

I tend to get all my vitamins effortlessly. I have to pay attention to zinc and calcium which are easily met with greens, sprouts, and a variety of veggies and seeds.

Selenium is another one that needs to be tracked.

Iodine tends to be low in most people’s diet hence the seaweed addition to my diet daily. I love Irish moss. I just bought a new form of it – a powder. I add it to green soups instead of salt. It is very salty and to me tasteless inside the soup. On its own, it is a bit oceany or pondy (whatever you wanna call that seaweed smell).

Iodine is very important for the thyroid when we are exposed to radiation (which is often), for regulating the metabolism. If your metabolism is slow and you feel somewhat puffy and soft it is often either the lack of iodine or something else going on with the thyroid and adrenals (they work in unison as we saw in the Yoga for the organs series).

All in all most health issues has to first be addressed via diet and the change of the thought pattern, belief system, and emotional habitual repetitive loops. A cleaning up of lifestyle is almost more important than what we add up an environment free of EMF, toxic air, toxic cleaning products, polluted water, etc.

Adding in sun, contact with the soil, a relationship with plants, animals, wildlife, bugs, stones, rocks, dirt.

Enough hours of calm sleep.

Relaxing evenings with no anxiety or worry.

Hobbies and passions that we enjoy.

Enough movement.

Loving relationships.

Joyful thoughts.

Nature, music, and art.

A circle of kindred spirits even if it is online.

And so forth.

On a separate but related note, I have fully transitioned to period panties. 100% using that for my last 4-5 periods. It’s a game-changer. About 100 times better than pads and such. I still have a menstrual cup and I use it for yoga. The panties however unlike pads do not leak; wash perfectly 100% no staining probably due to the charcoal lining and all in all make more sense than disposable pads laced with chemicals.

That’s all from me.


I will continue sharing more as I continue to learn and grow and better myself in this weird thing called being human on Earth.











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  1. rosannadell's Gravatar

    appreciate this and the last what you eat blog – always good to have ideas of how to improve things and I appreciate your disclaimer of things needing to be individual and trusting your own body. Is there a certain brand of period panties you recommend?

  2. mosoriotatis's Gravatar
    mosoriotatis 4th June 2021, 2:11 am

    Ali where can we read more about suggested supplement intake for a vegan diet? Like what would be my personal daily recommended dose to track on Cronometer and see if I am meeting my requirements. Thank you.

    • Ali Kamenova's Gravatar
      Ali Kamenova 9th June 2021, 4:10 pm

      I will try to do a post on supplements soon. <3 If you enter things in cronometer - and set your parameters- age and diet style cronometer will give you a baseline of what you need. <3

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