What I ate today on a low fat vegan diet

What I ate today on a low fat vegan diet.

High carb plant based diet.

Namaste Beautiful Yogis,

my morning started with something that I don’t do often but I appreciate it every now and again. Some overnight cold brewed coffee.

cold brew coffee

cold brew coffee

Strain, add almond milk to it and drink cold. Yum.

cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee


Next I had water and LOADS of locally picked loquats.


loquats tree fruit

loquats tree fruit


loquats tree brI picked them the day before and had them for a few days as my breakfast meal. The loquat leaf makes an excellent and healthy tea.

My friend brought some of his Yogi Tea and I had to try it.

yogi perfect energy vanilla spice tea

yogi perfect energy vanilla spice tea

Through the day I had maybe 5 of this HUGE California navel oranges.

big California Tree Ripened Navel Orange

Big California Tree Ripened Navel Orange


I had some reishi coffee later in the day. The recipe video is on my youtube channel Reishi Coffee for Immunity and Energy Recipe


reishi coffee rehmannia astragalus

reishi coffee rehmannia astragalus

Dinner was based on some exotic greens that I picked up at the Hollywood farmers Market. I haven’t had yam greens before and I cannot say enough good things about them. Mild, sweet, crunchy, tender and yummy! They can be prepared the way you would prepare spinach.

chinese yam leaves, okra leaves, ong choy greens

chinese yam okra ong choy leaves greens

I decorated the salad with organic arugula flowers. One of the yummiest flowers out there. They have a strong arugula aroma with a nutty flavor. I couldn’t stop munching on them while preparing dinner.
arugala flowerFor dinner I made 2 1/2 huge bowls of salad. The veggies in the salad were lettuce from a friend’s garden, yam leaves, okra greens and red peppers. Arugula flowers on top.  Very delicious!!!!!

okra yam leaf arugala flowerempty salad

okra yam leaves

okra yam leaves greens


Okra leaves are very healthy, mild in taste, slightly mucilaginous when raw and great for thickening soups, stews and veggie dishes when cooked. Okra pods and leaves are great for repaying the stomach lining. I actually enjoy okra tea- just boil okra for 2-5 minutes, steep and enjoy! It’s great for ulcers, urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, liver toxicity, sore throat and much more. 


okra leaf yam greens salad

okra leaf yam greens salad

Vegan corn carrot dressing

Vegan corn carrot dressing

The dressings/dip is a new favorite of mine – fresh or frozen corn, raw carrots, coconut milk, avocado, optional tofu, aleppo pepper, mint, sage, barberries, spices. Blend in a high speed blender. Done!


These were all the yummies for the day!!!



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  1. Gluko Peponi's Gravatar

    Yuuum! That salad looks absolutely delicious ! Love your dips so much !

  2. laurajones-miller1's Gravatar
    laurajones-miller1 29th April 2014, 4:15 pm

    I have been using your corn carrot dip a lot too. I used it as a base for raw Pad Thai yesterday…Yummy! Aren’t the navel oranges amazing this year? I can’t get enough of them. I love the Sophie salad bowl picture! She has one of the more expressive faces I’ve ever seen…I always enjoy the produce haul pics Ali…Thank you too for helping us all learn a better way of eating…I had a cocoa, banana, almond/coconut milk, alfalfa, kale smoothie this morning with a few of “Sophie’s Kumquats” thrown in…Wow on the zing factor…Yum, yum….xoxoxo, L

    • admin's Gravatar

      raw pad thai!!!!! omg i need to make that. with peanuts? the navel oranges are so amazing this year, in fact i am going for more at the farmers market 😀 haha yes sofie is an expressive little gal. aaah ok – i shall do a few shopping hauls again. they are actually dedicated to you – i think you would enjoy them more than anyone since we have similar shopping lists 😀 yum- the smoothie sounds like heaven. good idea 😀 love and sunny light <3 Ali

  3. Ann's Gravatar

    Yummy yummy 🙂 I am trying that dip this week! Thanks for posting this, Ali. I am going to try mono mealing for a week and see how I feel. With love.

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