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We are living in the times of prophecies. It feels surreal to say it but we are finally crossing from an old earth, an old humanity to a New Earth, New Humanity. We are on the bridge, in the birth canal.

I have shifted my diet recently and I wanted to blog about it as I know some of you read my blogs and sharing is important. I feel that even though I have eaten raw, high raw, and other variations throughout my life I have lately put far more emphasis on nutrition and actual superfoods. Not the superfoods from the last 10 years like cacao and lucuma but rather functional superfoods for the health of the glands and entire body. Foods like dandelion, Irish moss, dulse, celery, etc.

The main reason I shifted besides the fact that it just happened is that I had the need to nourish my body and decrease inflammation. I find that if I don’t actively take measures through diet I definitely feel my health suffering. I mostly track inflammation levels. As a pitta (in ayurveda), inflammation is.typically my first symptom of imbalance. i have learned to track subtle things throughout the years, I had my dealings with mold exposure which made me so inflammed that now I am very aware of inflammation of any level.

I have always been searching for the diet that best supports my body and I have made mistakes in the learning process. Walking the road less traveled can be tricky as we need to find our own way.

Pea shoots, avo carrot soup, dulse, and nori on top. Veggies are hidden under.

Sprouted buckwheat, sunflower base crackers with flax, juice pulp, spices.

My new diet spontaneously started in February. I have had the forethought of maybe going on a fast during the big astrology transits such as the December Christmas Star event. I also have always thought to try a raw diet again at some point in life but I never force things; I wait for alignment so it all happens with no resistance and no struggle. We set an intention and then we prepare ourselves for alignment- so we can take action when everything aligns. That’s the best way to manifest.

So finally after maybe 5-6 years of thinking I might try raw again (I was raw back in the day and also high raw throughout the years) it just naturally happened. Bam and somehow I have the need and craving for it. It’s effortless and light.

Do I think 100% Raw is beneficial or even better than other percentages? No, but also the answer is complex and details matter. I do believe that a diet high in alive food, in wild or nutrient-dense and minimally processed foods is IMPORTANT. Whether 100% raw is better than 80% raw – that is a less important question. I am sure the future human will eat foods high in photons – in light. Kirlian photography can register the light content in food.

The human on the bridge to a new humanity should strive for a pure, nutrient-dense diet that doesn’t burden the liver and kidneys and also saturates the body with antioxidants, color, light, high frequency, and most important of all with PURE PLANT WATER. Water is EVERYTHING – it holds memory, consciousness; it can be a transmitter of consciousness.

A lot of the raw foodists always talk about enzymes but I do not think that just enzymes are the reason why there is something special to raw. I think it is the light content and the structured water that holds that unique special property.

Here I will share a quote by Zach Bush:

“Thanks to crystals, DNA functions as much more than genetic information. When in contact with healthy water, DNA can form crystalline structures that receive wavelengths of light from planet and universe.”

later he continues

“When DNA is in its crystalline form with the 4th phase of water (a gel state of water), it acts as a tuned antenna. The result is your reception of information in the universe that’s unique to you: your self-identity. At this point, we only know enough to ask more questions and marvel at the beauty of it all.
You are a quantum miracle, a physical manifestation born from the dance of solar radiation and light energy, water, and your unique DNA antenna. ”

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that we are at the gateway of new knowledge. We don’t know much about our universe, our unique human path, about water, or about our physical or subtle bodies.

In a sense, we are entering a new era of consciousness and thus NEW knowledge and this is EXCITING.

Of course, we want to keep our physical vessel vibrating at the frequency of the NEW. This way we can be in resonance with it and begin to integrate and embody the light, new information, new octaves of the Schumann Resonance coming in.

As we eat lighter our hormones regulate, organs clean up, our thoughts brighten up, and all in all, we operate at a different frequency physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Food and especially raw, unprocessed food is condensed light energy – this is code, information. It is frequency because everything is frequency. Now raw would be higher frequency and higher light than processed, junk foods, or conventional or GMO foods.

The highest frequency is found in wild herbs, then in cultivated organic herbs, wild berries, then cultivated organic berries then fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts, pulses and grains are somewhere along with the nuts and it continuously trickles down as we go down further into the processed, factory animal farming, sprayed and poisoned foods, etc until we find no light at all in a bag of Doritos or a can of coke.

As synchronicity would have it I am writing this piece on a Full Lunar Eclipse. It is a FULL MOON and a SUPER MOON both.

Water holds key elements in beginning to even understand health or existence at all.

I have shared articles and videos on the membership by Jerry Pollack on The 4th Stage of Water, which he called EZ water also known as nano-protoplasm from the work of a genius scientist Gilbert Ling.


This also ties into how our blood circulation works and the true function of the human heart. Also, a great video to watch on this subject (and I do believe everyone needs to see this video) is one from Thomas Cowan called “The Heart is not a Pump”.

We are not a mechanical engine, we are a vibrational light being that sources intelligence via the structured water in our system.


So to go back to the original subject, I do believe there is something absolutely unique and important about raw living foods. I would say raw living foods as the majority and the bulk of the diet IS A GREAT TARGET.

As we progress on this new path we will become more intuitive and tuned in to what we need to eat. The knowledge will come from within.

As for 100% raw – I think everyone is at a different place and in a different state with different needs, availability and cravings; we are all at a different part of our journey and so we all need different things.

I think flexibility and adaptability are more important here than rigid rules and fears.

No, a piece of steamed broccoli or steamed potatoes, a slice of sourdough do not negatively affect us, or worse I have heard some raw foodists say that they cut off our direct connection to the Divine. I think we ought to aim for high raw and when possible do raw days, or raw season in summer and take it from there.

It is a massive learning curve. I started raw 20+ years ago and it has been a massive learning curve mostly because it is not a natural part of our society. We have to blaze our own trail and a new trail for the human experience in this era.

Everything starts with an intention. If we have the innate need or desire to do it and we set the intention we are very likely to do it when ready.

In cold climates with less food availability, 100% raw is not ideal. It is better to focus on adding a good amount of live foods esp from local herbs and berries and seeds as these grow way up in the North.

I have also seen a  great benefit from incorporating sourdough into my child’s diet so again – a doze of traditionally fermented and slowly prepared foods can have its place.


I have also loosely followed a lot of raw people on social media and I have to say mostly all are not 100% raw and really that is not the goal. The goal is to connect to the food and to source nourishment from a lot of greens, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, even grains and pulses, seaweeds, etc.

If these form the bulk of our nutrition we are on a good track.

So some of the benefits I have experienced are:

no inflammation

really really good digestion

no water retention

more hydrated skin with more golden color to it (from the greens and antioxidants)

at ease with my food

I also didn’t think I have a lot of weight to lose as that was not my goal but I lost a whooping 10 pounds in 2 months without decreasing my calories. I eat a good 1800 to 2600 calories a day. I must say I am at my natural set point and at the weight I have been most of my life so it feels better. I have been this similar frame from when I was a kid to most of my adult life with the exception of stressful events which typically make me gain weight. I remember when my partner’s father was in the process of passing I gained 20 pounds. And I started having some IT Band pain. It all mysteriously disappear after he crossed over. At the time, even though I had my public platform, I didn’t discuss that online. I tend to go in when there is something I need to heal or process.

I also have a very nostalgic connection to raw as it reminds me of my 20s and all the raw cafes my partner and I were visiting at the time. LA 20 years ago was amazing and it takes me right back there. When I have a dehydrator with crackers running in the house it takes me back to a restaurant on the Santa Monica Beach called Euphoria loves Rawvolution (I used to call it Raw-phoria and didn’t even realize I have changed the name lol). Anyways every time we entered that restaurant or walked by it we would smell the crackers and pizzas dehydrating with the great spices infusing the ocean air.


BTW I still prepare a lot of sourdough foods for my family- if I want to try them I would. I am mostly not interested. I am one of those people who doesn’t slip up just because they had a bite or a meal of something. My preference is always fruits and veggies and the other goodies and I always go back to that regardless of if I had a chickpea cookie one day. I don’t need to be 100% to stay on track. I like flow, adjustability, fluidity, adaptability, and intuition when it comes to food. That being said I had spent a whole year eating salads and steamed potatoes and I was feeling that it is a time for a shift for me. I also stopped eating a lot of greens during pregnancy and breastfeeding which lasted altogether 4 1/2 years – I had an aversion to my favorite greens so now that I am done with that I feel the need to go back to the high in greens diet.

The last benefit I will list is that RAW is contagious – now my partner is basing all his meals around a smoothie and a salad with added cooked soups, sourdough, etc. Also, my baby is loving the raw buckwheat crackers.


There are a lot of other benefits but I will briefly share what a day of eating is for me. Maybe I will share more examples in the future. Also, I will share my non-raw items- yes I have them.

I still do intermittent fasting. Typically I eat everything in a 2-6 hour window. I think that’s just my comfort – a 4, 6, 8 hour window are all great. I have been in a very mental phase of my life where food although enjoyable is not the first thing on my mind. My mind is very stimulated with work and studies and food is more of a functional element of my day- nutrition rather than a great source of pleasure. I do enjoy my meals and I find them absolutely phenomenally delicious and hydrating but you get my point. I just look at food as a source of nourishment rather than purely for fun. Either outlook on it is correct – it is simply the phase I am in. I do have a lot of fun experimenting with sourdough.

Some intermittent fasting seems to be a part of everyone’s routine who is successful. Some don’t call it that – they just have a very early 6 o’clock dinner and not a crumb after.

Others skip breakfast.




I skip breakfast and lunch. I do get a lot of work done during that time – yoga shoots, writing, gardening, computer work, house chores, errands, playing with my daughter as she is “homeschooled” for now, and cooking.

I have been brewing genmaicha tea in the morning. NOT RAW. I still have quite a bit of green tea so I am trying to run out and after I am done with it we will see if I will just have herbal tea.

I also have teeccino in the house although I brew it once every 10 days. Also not raw.

Sometimes I buy store-bought nut milk for matcha lattes. Or I make the nut milk.

I drink distilled water when it is a warm morning otherwise I need warm tea in the morning.

I’ve had non-raw lentil flax juice pulp sourdough loaf that I concocted (a genius creation right there) one time and I also bought a new coconut greek style yogurt by Forager that’s not raw. I must say I felt heavy from the yogurt.

I also have carob with frozen bananas – I get the light roast carob; also not raw.

The point is I do have miscellaneous items and one-time eating lentil sourdough makes me actually want to have my salad the next evening.

I would still eat my sourdough creations, steamed potatoes, or kabocha squash in winter and other items.



My first food which I don’t really count as food has been blended watermelon. The huge long Texas watermelons are in season so I am most likely going to continue with the watermelon blend for as long as they are in season. We do go through a big watermelon relatively fast. Everyone here adores watermelon.

It will also help us adapt to the coming hot months.


Ideas for watermelon flavor additions- rose water, lavender, cilantro, vanilla. I find that I enjoy the ripe melons and the less ripe melons with more rind equally. Some are sweet and others remind me of cucumber juice.

In the evening when I am finally hungry (hunger doesn’t come until 7 for me but we are late people – my daughter and my partner are both creative night owls; I myself can be either way so I flow with them; the one thing I cannot really pull off is real early mornings- it somehow doesn’t go naturally with my own biorhythms).

I make a HUGE smoothie. I basically pack the big Blendtec jar with fruits and greens.

Usually, I rotate bananas, apples, oranges, pears, mandarins, grapefruits, dates, celery, some form of rotating greens, papaya, mango, rotating herbs like parsley, cilantro, etc.


I have been adding a supplement to my smoothies called water lentils also known as duckwheat (not buckwheat). I have the caramel latte flavor so it makes my smoothie taste like strong coffee. They have such an impressive nutritional profile- high in everything; said to be high in B12 but I am not sure if that is a B12 analog or the real B12. However, they are high in calcium, iron, zinc, and pretty much everything else. Also high in Protein.




I also add bamboo silica and a variety of medicinal mushrooms such as lion’s Maine, Chaga, reishi, cordyceps turkey tail; sometimes spirulina or barley grass powder.

Lemon balm and fresh lavender flowers add amazing floral flavor to a smoothie. I have been making half of my smoothies with distilled water.

I bought a water distiller but I do feel that it has detoxing properties so for now I do half and half distilled water for my meals and hydration.

There are some amazing benefits to distilled water due to the air pollution and the heavy metals in our food, water, and air. I have been researching it for at least 2 years and constantly talking about it so finally, Jonny couldn’t take it anymore and gave me one for my birthday haha.

I got the Megahome – this is the amazon link but I think he got it on a website or on eBay. We have been shopping mostly on eBay, Vitacost, and Frontier Co-op for online shopping. I did read that Vitacost got sold to a bigger company a few years ago. I was with them from the get-go but if you know of good small companies to shop from please let me know. Ebay is still very good in the sense that private sellers can sell their items. Etsy and Amazon have been donating to globalist causes so not my first choice. Frontier Co-op is amazing. My friend Leya organizes the order between 8 or so families with a minimum order of $250 for free shipping. They have a large selection of natural foods, cosmetics, herbs, seeds, and items, and many things are at wholesale price.

A few times I came home very late from running errands and I put some Vega protein in my smoothie (I have it from before just sitting around on the shelf abandoned) – I am not so sure I can tolerate it. Also not raw.  Along with the water lentil powder it gets to be far too dense for me.

I also add Irish moss either to my smoothie or more likely to my green soup.

So after I have my smoothie I have been eating soaked dates. I love fresh dates but we mostly get dried dates here so I give them a soak in the morning. Also banana, soaked date blend with the water lentils is ridiculously sweet and indulgent.

I find the dates to be an important step in satiety. I am sure potatoes, sourdough and other items can be a good substitute for them. Not raw but very high in nutrients and in the sourdough case in probiotics, gut microbiome food.

After that I make green energy soup – I think Ann Wigmore pioneered it – based on avocado, greens, and seaweeds. She included a green apple for the malic acid in hers and fermented rejuvelac. I tried the fermented rejuvelac and I am not sure it is for me. I also tried fermented natto and I am really sorry to report that I cannot have fermented natto as it has the same mold species as the mold species I had exposure to in a moldy apartment I lived in in my late 20s. I knew that but I really wanted to incorporate vitamin K, nattokinase in my diet. I am sad but natto is gone.

If you can add it to your diet it helps prevent bone loss along with a lot of other benefits. That is not something we worry about when we are young but a very important aspect of health as we age.

It is easy to make and I find it delicious when mixed in a salad. On its own, it’s very funky. Anyways now I supplement with vit K.

I will go into supplements later.

Green soup or dressing is the base of my savory dinner. When we have the carbs and the sweet dessert taste and the savory – all our needs are covered and no cravings exist.


The green base is made out of half to one avocado depending on the size of the avocado. I rotate Celery, chard, dandelion, spinach, baby greens, carrots,  seaweed, parsley, zucchini, raw pumpkin, cucumber, etc  – the variety here can be great. It takes a bit of experimentation. (seaweeds- I prefer kombu but I have been out of kombo so I am putting other seaweeds in. The good ones are kelp, wakame, arame, etc).

Other fixins – garlic, spices and herbs, Irish moss, flax can go here, nut butters, tahini.

Lemons and crunchies on top.

By crunchies I mean anything you want to chop up either into the soup or into your salad. Sprouts, spiralized, chopped veggies, greens, onions, tomatoes, nori sheets (they are amazing).

The idea here is to blend nutritious and delicious base and coating for your veggies.

Photo Ideas bellow.

That way everything tastes finger-licking good.

That’s about it. Sometimes I have avocado on its own with Kala namak salt- I recommend it. It is ridiculous.

After dinner, I would sip on tea or water or I am done.


I have had to learn the hard way but vitamin D is crucial if you are not out all the time. I combine it with Vitamin K.

I have been muscle testing for myself and others and I got 50 000 IU dose for my partner as a once a week or every so often dose. That is 10 times more than what I am taking so I went online to check if 50k IU is even a thing. I’ve never heard of it before. Turns out it is the dose to take if you are deficient to give the body a boost. Others stagger their intake and take 50K one time a week and a low or no dose for the other days. There are some mind-blowing videos I saw on the subject. Vitamin D it is a preventative. A deficiency is the main cause for the FLU and Colds including the current famous one.

Sometimes I have a multi. Through the years I have not really had vitamins because I was more on the purist side plus I lived in LA where the food variety was amazing and the sun was abundant.

For vitamins, I like a few brands – New Chapter, Mega Food, Vitamin CODE, and My Kind. They are fermented from food and bacteria sources. I started taking vitamins when I got pregnant – the first trimester I was quite nauseous so I tried to take some vitamins. BTW in my research the nausea is a good sign of a successful first trimester and placenta forming- it is a side effect of high progesterone but it is in my opinion also the body wanting you to put all your energy into forming a new organ – the placenta rather than in digestion. Also, the fetus at this time is in a vulnerable stage so less food could be a survival mechanism – fewer toxins, pesticides, potential food poisoning, contamination, etc. That’s why my advice for preparing for pregnancy would be to stock up on your reserves- have a full bank of nutrients stored in your system.

Right now I have the MEGAFOOD in powder form which is disgusting so I found myself not taking it. Yesterday I found my empty caps so this will be my current vitamin. This is the one I took before the powdered one right now – Megafood for Women over 40. I am42 so it seems fitting although a strange title because I am so new to this number – 40. Haha. Still in disbelief about the speed with which time moves.

I have taken their Baby and Me, pregnancy, Nursing, Women’s, etc ones.

Don’t get the powder version. It’s vile but the quality is great – high absorption vitamins.

I am very big on taking homeopathic and flower essences so typically I am taking a flower essence suitable for the period in life- they are emotional healing support.

I also have every herbal formula imaginable in my healing cabinet- I have many minerals and homeopathic there. I do recommend having a first aid kit and a large variety of herbs and homeopathic remedies as these are always needed in emergencies when you cannot run to the pharmacy.

Herbology and Flower Essences were the path I thought I will take professionally in my early 20s when I was also starting to develop the desire to teach yoga. I was good with either path and went along with the one that took first.

I wasn’t hard-set on being a yoga teacher. I wanted to work in the healing arts and in particular in the distance healing arts. I had that strong vision and I remember vocalizing it just like that to my friends. This was before the internet was as developed as it is now so I somehow imagined myself growing herbs and innovating herbal formulas with a never before seen twist on them and shipping them from my remote mountain location to customers. Kinda what I do now with movement. 🙂  You see how the mind works with metaphors- so do dream for your future and do take action to manifest that dream. But be open to how it will manifest. I have seen people miss the manifestation because it is not exactly how they imagined it so they get stuck on the details rather than the energy of it.

Anyways – a very long post.

Love you all

I hope it inspired you to eat a raw radish.














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    Hi Ali!

    First of all, I want to say. I know what you mean about the Vega powder. We got the Chai one and even using a blender and extra nut-milk… it is so heavy. Also, I think I read that it tested positive for heavy metals…

    Anyway, your journey is so inspiring. It’s nice to see someone who is down to earth and humble sharing their journey. It makes me feel like I can do it too!

    Also, I want to encourage you in your “homeschooling” experience. I have been learning with my children at home for a few years now. It has been such an awakening and fun experience. I hope it brings as much joy and laughter into your home as it has ours.

    Thank you for the effort your put into your post. It was worthwhile, inspiring, and interesting to read.

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