Manifesting with 30 Days of Yoga BODYHACKING

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I will post a new class (all levels; beginners WELCOME) each day on my main YOUTUBE Channel plus 2 additional membership classes a week (as per usual) that will be the intermediate-advanced level (the usual) on spiritual organs. the classes will be anywhere from 15 minutes to 40-ish minutes. The additional advanced classes I am calling vignettes. They are a good build-up on the class of the day that will give you a bit more cardio and also contemplations on our spiritual anatomy. Invite your friends who are beginners and new to yoga and movement to my main channel as they have an amazing chance to turn around their health routine.

I want to offer a comprehensive program for beginners that will give them access to my style of movement. 30 days of classes are quite an accomplishment – we can manifest a new path. Persistence, committing, and following through – are the virtues we can acquire.

To join you will only need your mat. For 2 of the classes, I am using a bolster with a strap. You can always have a rolled-up blanket prepared. The classes are more yin, restorative. The bolster is supportive and good for restorative-style yoga. most of the classes are more active – no props.

 A few words on manifestation and on the end of kali yuga:

We are embarking on a new path literally and metaphorically. We are setting a vision, and taking physical action toward fulfilling that vision.

Whether you want to create a new + improved healthy routine, a strong + supple body, a focused + calm mind, a new mindset, or a healthier perspective of yourself you can set your mind to it and dedicate the next 30 days to envisioning it.  Envision your goals as if already achieved daily and practice with me new moves daily.

Every day we will break up old patterns, unhealthy postural habits and unconscious ways of moving. We will replace them with a new structure, a new spirit.

How do we manifest a conscious new path that begins in 2023 as Jupiter enters a new 12-year cycle?

We focus on the mind, we hold our new vision, we learn to breathe and we learn to care for our body.

Your mind is everything!

Everything is mind!

Reality is subject to perception. Perception determines manifestation. Perception – reflection is the loop. So you see we are in a closed loop, a catch 22 of sorts that allows us to perceive what we believe in and thus create it, and so on and so on. “If we change how we look at things, the things we look at change.” So if we look at ourselves with new eyes, if we look at our lives as blessed, abundant, lucky, charmed, and fluid – this is what we will create. If we express gratitude for our challenges – we will shift from a place of feeling cheated or sorry for ourselves to a place of absolute harmony. From a victim to the hero on the hero’s journey. Let your story unfold with beauty, grace, and love.

In these times of evolutionary growth for humanity, we are all given a big chance to grow exponentially. We have the opportunity to crack the old prison cell open and let all the light in. The crack is where the light gets in per Rumi.

Rumi: “The wound is where the light enters.”

The limitations that our mind puts on us can be exposed and thus we can focus on creating a healthy new expanded version of ourselves. The new I.

Manifestation is very dependent on PERSISTENCE. So commit and come to the mat daily; explore and learn new moves, be present; nourish your body with movement and breath.

Envision your new expanded path – are you focused on health goals, weight loss, strength, flexibility, a peaceful mind, and a calm heart? Maybe your goals are building self-love, trust in yourself, trust in your path, and faith in the good. Maybe you are creating a new life, a new business, starting a new relationship, or developing new talents and skills.

Either way, ENVISION IT; FEEL IT, BELIEVE IT AS IF IT’S ALREADY HERE, AND BE PERSISTENT. Do not ask for permission from outside.

Know what you want to create and do it!!!! Hold the vision daily. Write it down; journal; imagine it before bed as you are drifting away in dream land.

Come back to it in the morning and so on and so on for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, the changes you would have created will be sometimes visible; sometimes it will be the fabric of your mind that has changed; hopefully your belief system would be restructured (not your core beliefs which are actual truths; more so the lies we hold on to and call be-LIE-ves) ; sometimes change takes time to manifest.

We all have a true core I; we all have an inner connection to Supreme Truth. Often times we are disconnected from ourselves and our truths due to all the conditioning we go through as members of society. EMBODY-MOVEMENT (conscious movement) shakes up our patterns literally and figuratively so that we can release that which doesn’t serve our highest self. The body holds old patterns in its tissue. The fascia, muscles, and structure all hold the memory and beliefs of the old. We have to release, restructure, and rebuild.


If we set our mind on building a beautiful new body, mind, and life we can achieve that through the virtue of being consistent, persistent, and sometimes silent. Silence really opens us up to the inner life where our truths reside.

So let’s begin and let’s flow with LOVE, STRENGTH, AND EASE!


A few words on the Astro-metaphysical shifts happening to humanity:


Humanity is entering a New phase on Earth. A lot of the outer planets will be changing their sign in the next year or two which also signifies new energy for the collective.

According to the mystics in different traditions (esoteric Christianity, Hinduism, Christianity, and some aborigine myths and stories), we are ending one epoch, one era, and at the doorstep of the new.

Entering a new era in human terms is not an overnight process. This process will span over generations. It will be a slow transformation of our physical vessel.


When the solar system moves into a new area of the galaxy we get a different angle of the sunlight.

When our solar system enters a new area of the galaxy that is called a new yuga.

We are receiving light, neutrinos from the so-called central sun and receiving a new angle of the light. Also, we are exiting a cosmic dust cloud area that has lasted a few thousand years so we are bathing in completely new energies (all of this is from mystical schools of thought).

We are getting a different angle of light from the central sun. Sun in mysticism is a representation of consciousness. It is quite literally and metaphorically “light” ABSORBED BY THE PINEAL GLAND and reflected within by the hypothalamus- the inner sun (as without so within).

The light emitted from celestial bodies represents different consciousnesses within different dimensions and timelines. It is a spinner because a lot of us think of planets as places we reach with a metal rocketship from the 70s movies. Light is information, frequency, and code. When we speak of the central sun we speak about Christ’s consciousness which in mystic traditions is considered the highest consciousness for humanity in its physical evolution.  Sun and son interestingly enough sound very similar in English.

Air and water transfer and store information/memory – prana.

When humanity is at a stage of moving from one consciousness to a new one that is represented as the end of times. Apocalypse. We are now “officially” living in times of revelations. A lot of it represents the human electromagnetic field upgrading, the chakras upgrading; the neural circuitry upgrading so that we can attune to the new energies.
Externally it is represented by war. Most wars are typically power struggles, sometimes they are wars between evil and the unthinkable. At the end times, they represent the war between the light and the dark. The two represent the inner conflict, the polarity within. The real war will be humanity awakening, the human heart expanding. Humanity facing its own shadow. There will be no room for pointing fingers, waiting for one person to save us, or political theater. It will be the ultimate work within. The inner path is revealed. We will be able to resolve it only if we resolve the war and conflict within. Awakening is often portrayed as this beautiful process of retreats, crystal gazing, and meditation yoga… In reality, we must upgrade our Intuition and divine connection by exposing the conflict within, by unifying with the shadow, and by refining our vessel to hold more light.


“Light is electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation occurs over an extremely wide range of wavelengths, from gamma rays with wavelengths less than about 1 × 1011 metres to radio waves measured in metres.”

“Visible light is usually defined as having wavelengths in the range of 400–700 nanometres, corresponding to frequencies of 750–420 terahertz, between the infrared and the ultraviolet.”

Our perception of light is limited and if we just expand the range of wavelengths that we can receive that opens us up to new thought, new frequencies, a new consciousness. Of course that is a result of thousands of years of evolution – evolving our senses of perception, out glands, our base frequency and thus our consciousness.

As we receive more light we also tune to streams of consciousness of higher order; we hold more light; we expand.





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