Building a First Aid Natural Remedies Must Haves & Kit

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Disclaimer: None of the below information is intended as medical advice. I am simply sharing what works for me. None of the product recommendations are sponsored reviews. Every single product I recommend has been purchased and used by me after thorough research.

This is my minimalist version of a natural remedy kit that in my opinion every household should have. Most of them are essential aid in an urgent situation when one has no time or one is too sick to run to the store. If you have kids and home pets a lot of these remedies will save them from having to use much more toxic and dangerous pharmaceutical medications that can have long term negative health effects.

Always use common sense when using natural remedies. Everything I am recommended is generally safe, effective and has no to minimal side effects (in my case none whatsoever). remedy kit first aid

The remedies I am sharing in this post are things I have used for over 15 years. They are remedies I have turned my family and friends onto and I consider them safe and effective when applied properly. I have not experienced any side effects from them despite having used them for a long time. On the contrary these remedies have allowed me to stay healthy and to thrive and they have helped me avoid taking any pharmaceuticals in the last 20 years. I have not taken even aspirin or motrin in my adult life and I credit Mother Nature’s potent healing foods and herbs for that.

Onto the essentials.


First and foremost be sure to always have on hand Oil of Oregano. I like to use it as a natural antibiotic. I use it internally and externally and it has never failed me. It tends to kick in faster and it covers a wider range of bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses than most antibiotics do. As a matter of fact it is a powerful remedy that only attacks the bad bacteria and it does not wipe out your friendly gut flora. Unlike antibiotics it also can address viral infections. All in all you can use it for infections of any kind, inflammation, pain, injuries, food poisoning, etc. It is a strong anti-oxidant. Good for acne and other skin conditions when applied diluted externally. For topical use always use it by adding a few drops to a carrier oil.

Not all brands of oil of oregano are effective. I have come across a few brands that were disappointing.

Some of the brands I like are:





I have used other good ones but I keep going back to these three brands.

Also if for some reason you do not have access to Oil of Oregano then a good Oregano Essential Oil (not the same thing!) will work. It has to be therapeutic grade and organic.

2 brands have been continuously recommended to me:





I have had to use the essential oil version while traveling through Europe. There seems to be no access to oil of oregano there.

It seemed to work just as good.

If the taste is too strong for you then place it in a  veggie capsule and take it that way. I generally buy veggie caps or I empty one that I already have. Don’t waste the emptied one :). Empty it in a glass filled with water and drink the contents. Usually I empty a probiotic capsule.

I always have these caps on hand  


and they have lasted me years.

Generally I take 4 drops 4-5 times a day when I need antibiotics.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am very thankful for the advances in modern medicine and if I need treatment I will get it. The use of antibiotics however has led to far more issues than the problems it has solved if you ask me and the superbugs are becoming epidemic. Most people nowadays have digestive and immune/autoimmune issues that can be directly attributed to the overuse of antibiotics. So better to be on the safe side and use natural remedies when possible.

Now if you start getting a gangrene in your leg from getting a skin cut in a third world country while swimming in suspicious waters (my partner’s John true life story) do run for an antibiotic IV treatment in the nearest hospital!


For food poisoning and toxic substance injection take Activated Charcoal as soon as possible. Obviously if you are violently sick make your way to the nearest emergency room. I have used this for situations where I get sick after eating something possibly contaminated or old or after a hangover (yep I have had 1-2 hangovers many years ago lol). Usually it stops the nausea and the need to vomit so it can potentially save you a trip to the hospital. You do need to take it as soon as possible before the toxic substance travels down to the small intestine. Even if it is hours later still take it. It is very safe and effective. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you drink enough water with it.

Most brands are equally good.

The one I have is by Nature’s Way. It is very inexpensive and I literally have used the same bottle for many years. Usually I have to take charcoal once every 2-3 years and same goes for my partner. I always take a few caps with me on the airplane when flying because I can tell you from personal experience there is no more miserable experience than getting food poisoning on a 12 hour transatlantic flight. If you have kids then you will be using this a bit more often as kids tend to magically find ways to get sick all the time. 🙂



Borax from the laundry department at some grocery stores. In Europe you can get it at the pharmacy. It is used for any fungal, yeast or bacterial skin issues.

Also I forgot to mention in the video that I use it for washing clothes and for getting rid of ants, roaches and other critters. A thin sprinkle of it on their path tends to get rid of them very quickly.

It is less toxic ounce per ounce than table salt is so I consider it on the safe side. Make sure that if you use it for insects in some sweet bait type of mix that your dogs or kids do not have access to it.

It is great as a soak and rinse for fungal issues. Irreplaceable for candida and yeast infections. I don’t know of anything more potent for the last few mentioned than boric acid so get it and have it on hand.

If you suspect mold in your house you can wash your clothes with it and it will get rid of the mold.

I have recommended this to many people over the years. It is ridiculously inexpensive and extremely effective.

It gets rid of most of the issues mentioned above on the spot. And it surely beats the price of the leading anti fungal medications and I dare to say it is far more effective. Usually once you use it you may not need to use it again for a long time.

For yeast infections it can be used in a veggie cap and inserted as a vaginal suppository. It takes a few hours to work and it has had no side effects for me. Yeast infections can be dangerous as they can lead to complications and urinary tract infections, etc. Using pharmaceuticals can further compromise one’s health so in my opinion going the natural route will ensure your long term health. The more you use natural remedies the less you need any remedies all together.  Years of following a vegan diet and using natural remedies have basically allowed me to not to have t use them much.



The dreaded Flu or Colds

Garlic in the ear with bandaid on top. Nuf said. It’s like an atomic bomb for most viral or bacterial infections… hehe … no joke. garlic bandaid

Drink liters upon liters of hot teas and lemon water. No dairy whatsoever! If you are not hungry then fast! It will speed up the healing process.

Also if you do get the flu often then get the WELLNESS FORMULA – it is a powerful immune formula. My partner swears by it. It can be taken as a prevention during flu season. Once the flu hits then take it in a mass dose. It is a powerful combination of herbs and vitamins that even I am impressed with. 🙂

I personally use remedies very infrequently because having a healthy diet and lifestyle is the best prevention. When I have to use medicine I go the natural route and the remedies I use and recommend usually act quickly which means no repeated treatment needed or future reoccurrence.


unlike drugs and chemicals.


Injuries. OK this one I do take a few times a year at least because I am super active not just on the yoga mat but in my day to day activities. If for example I bang my knee on a iron table I am sure to take Arnica right away. For any joint and soft tissue injuries take Homeopathic Arnica right away and continue taking it every 15 minutes for a few hours. After that you can take a few times a day.

I also swear by THE RUB – apply externally on any injury. It is a combination of many homeopathic remedies and it is great for symptoms of Muscle Pain, Stiffness, Minor Injuries, Bruises, Sprains And Back Pain.

I generally get it online since it’s much cheaper online than it is at the local grocery stores. I make sure to stock up. I use it on my dog very successfully as well.

The same company carries homeopathic calendula gel which is good for scrapes, burns, skin inflammation and rashes. I have only started using it recently and so far it is excellent. In a few years I can give you a full review :P… but I am already a fan!


Essential oils!!!

Therapeutic grade or nothing! Get organic high quality essential oils or you are just tossing your money away. I love love love Veriditas oils. Erewhon store carries them in LA. Otherwise people swear by  DOTERRA

and PLANT THERAPY . I have minimal experience with them so please let me know in the comments below if they are as good as the more expensive and harder to find ones such as Veriditas.

I also like a Bulgarian company on amazon. They have a line of lavender and rose beauty products and I adore the fact that they have created such products for america. This is a link to their store Alteya

This is a link to their BULGARIAN LAVENDER OIL

I do recommend their rose water and other products. If you want me to discuss more of their products that I am familiar with let me know.

Essential oils from

French Lavender (if you scan find Veriditas get that)



are essential. (pun intended)


Chamomile (Bulgarian or by Veriditas Roman Chamomile).

Do not buy the cheap ones. They may smell good but the smell is no indicator of quality or potency or actual efficacy.

I have a massive collection of essential oils and I can do a separate post on them but for a first aid kit these should cover your basic emergency needs.



BLACK SEED OIL it has been called the cure for all disease. Although that might be a tad exaggerated I do find black seed oil to be a must have at home for any infections of any kind and any origin. It is amazing for all skin conditions. It has numerous beauty applications and internally it is great for diabetes, bacterial infections, asthma and so on and so on.


Aloe Vera Plant

CASTOR OIL It is used as poultice on achey internal organs and it relieves menstrual cramps. Use it over kidneys, liver, stomach, lower back, chest. Use a hot bottle over it. It penetrates in combination with heat applied on top.

It can regrow hair due to its penetrating deep onto the tissues properties. Also used for regrowing eye lashes and eyebrows. CAUTION- super messy!

RESCUE REMEDY– I do not negotiate with this one. I always have it on hand no matter what!!  It is for deep emotional, past trauma or sudden distress. I will quickly share a story with you. One time I was visiting my parents in Bulgaria. I had just flown in the night before when we got a phone call from my aunt. She told my mom that my grandma, her mom, had suddenly fallen down the stairs the night before and she had broken her hip. They had rushed her to a hospital and she has gotten a hip surgery overnight only to pass away from a heart attack right after the surgery. This was very unexpected news and as soon as I saw my mom’s face while she was still talking on the phone I pulled the rescue remedy and started dripping it under her tongue. There is no way to reduce the grieving in a situation like this but I do believe this helped her with storing less trauma in her tissues and subconscious body.

Also check out my post on BLACK WALNUT

I hope this is helpful to you and if it is please let me know. I would love to hear your personal favorite remedies and natural first aid kit essentials.





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    rachaelforeveryoung 2nd February 2017, 8:58 pm

    Thank You so much for sharing this honestly its amazing infact x my daughter wants me to add how she loves how you say in your opinion many teachers forget that part Thanks again

  2. rachaelforeveryoung's Gravatar
    rachaelforeveryoung 2nd February 2017, 9:19 pm

    castor oil so works on hair growth and i have a bit of a funny story with rescue remedy i failed my driving test twice and on my third attempt i discovered rescue remedy lol i took loads and loads cause of the nerves and PASSED x

  3. Marianne's Gravatar

    Ali, I am seriously considering to get all this kit. In Med School, the treatments (even though they start with a healthy life style) focus on determined drugs ( but Medicine is more than that) so it is amazong to read about this; the only downside is that none of the products you posted can be shipped to Peru.
    Question: do you have any other remedies for menstrual cramps? Or what do you do to avoid them? They are ferocious on me!
    Is there any alternative to Arnica gel?


  4. Marianne's Gravatar

    Ali, I am seriouly considering to get all this Kit. In Med School, the treatments ( even though they start with a healthy life style) focus on determined drugs (but Medicine is more than that) so it is amazing to read about this; the only downside is that none of the products you posted can be shipped to Peru.
    Question: do you have any other remedies for menstrual cramps? Or what do you do to avoid them? They are ferocious on me!
    And Is there any alternative to Arnica gel? I have soared joints lately…


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