Laura’s ETSY – Art Pottery Ceramics MUD SPIRIT

Laura Miller has been working hard on creating her website all by herself. It is showcasing her ceramics, multi-media jewelry and portraits which I love. Here is the link to her website

Laura’s Website

Lolly Miller Ceramics pottery art portraits MUD SPIRIT

Lolly Miller Ceramics pottery art portraits MUD SPIRIT

laura ceramics

And here is a link to her ETSY

Laura’s ETSY

She is one busy lady! Between being a grandma to 24 beautiful kids, an advanced yogi, an artist and a wife she has her hands full. She still finds time to create yoga schedules for the beginner yogis in our INTERVAL YOGA community. A generous spirit that I admire.

Please share her store with your friends. Let’s support our local artists and small entrepreneurs <3

oh and the name of her website is MUD SPIRIT – how beautiful is that?!?!



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