How to Build Your Inner Strength (spiritual talk)

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Following up with my previous post on the fine line between too much ego in yoga or being way too modest to participate in the Instagram fun I would like to talk about inner strength and how to deal with the world without getting too caught up in the shallow aspects of it.

We are all part of society! We all, regardless of how different or spiritual we feel, have to deal with the world on a very mundane and involved level. There is always a way to remain core centered, strong in your values and dis-attached in a way while still fully involved in the world. You can post selfies and yoga achievement-bragging-posts and at the same time separate that from your true value and core self. As long as we keep that perspective and manage to remember our true self we can celebrate the physical and not become too caught up, trapped or imprisoned by it.

If you have noticed whenever you have allowed yourself to quiet the mind there is always an underlying layer of divine calmness, of blissful joy residing somewhere in your core-solar plexus-heart area. As if you completely understand and allow oneness with a greater purer consciousness that is within and outside of you enveloping your body much like pure light and energy. Any time we allow our meditation or our yoga practice to be our tool in becoming present and aware we connect partially or completely to that place of inner strength, connectivity, trust, safety and light that we all have within.

So when we fully realize our inner power and value as a soul then and only then can we go back into the world an participate in it fully without getting lost in it.

We can receive compliments without allowing our ego to be inflated or hurt by them. We can hear criticism without becoming bitter or attaching to it. Just allowing everything to roll off our shoulder- most things really don’t have much to do with you personally.  We can be joyous in the being we are now without being so caught up in it that we lose connection with our true powerful profound self.  THERE IS JOY BOTH IN THE PHYSICALITY OF LIFE AND IN THE PROFOUND DIVINITY OF THE SOUL- WE CAN EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF BOTH PLACES WITHOUT DENYING ONE OR THE OTHER.

That way it is safe to be silly, physical, even vain because on a true, much deeper level we are not consumed by our own fragmented sense of self or physical vanity.

We can post photos of ourselves; see ridiculously beautiful yogis; celebrate their vitality and achievements with them without getting our ego hurt by comparing ourselves to them. On the flip side learning to appreciate our own beauty without becoming its slave by allowing it to be our prison rather than our strength and liberation.

My message:

Be always, always, always so driven to be connected to the inner YOU, be centered and grounded in that being which is your true YOU that you can always source strength from, be creative, find balance and calmness, develop trust in life and celebrate joy and love.

If you can aspire, desire, seek out achievements, receive compliments and flattery without your ego attaching to it in any negative or positive way then you have found your inner connection to TRUTH.

Strive to address people not from your ego self but from a humble yet more content and confident higher self. This way your relationship with social media, friends and family is pure- you are offering your pure being to them, not an insecure mask always looking for approval, achievement, recognition and attention.

Then small things that tickle your ego or hurt your self esteem would seem silly and detached from the true core you. We can allow the joy of our physical body and experience to be with us without allowing it to become our self created jail cell – this way we can be ironically more physical, more submerged in the nowness of this body and life in a somewhat detached yet fully presently involved way. This way small things cannot hurt us and we become a source of power for others -where we can encourage, empower and celebrate who they are.

A home yoga practice where the breath and being present are the center of the practice is invaluable in creating that connection and that strength that we source from within. Always remember: “It is ALL within!”. This sentence may sound abstract and even unclear but meditate on it. Repeat it throughout your day, repeat it during mula bandha ujaii breath centered vinyasa and you will feel the meaning of it. You will experience the meaning of it. You may not understand the meaning in a cognitive way but you will fully UNDERSTAND the meaning of it beyond the power of simple limited words and definitions.



And lets remember that these are just opinions. My true core message never changes yet the little opinions I have can evolve as I evolve, because the whole universe is in flux, always growing, evolving, forever changing. We can all lovingly disagree and keep learning from each other and teaching each other. Love is the only permanent thing. <3

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