Experience with Practicing Yoga Alone

Namaste Beautiful Yogi Teacher,


spiritual yoga practice in the now

spiritual yoga practice in the now

I am just sharing a small experience that meant a lot to me today.  I have been practicing your free yoga on youtube almost every day for one month now.  This morning I was feeling lazy about doing yoga, so instead of trying to find a video that would conform to my laziness, I decided to try to practice alone.

When I practiced alone, I found that I wasn’t just doing a short yoga session to be quick and say that I did yoga today.  I realized about 15 minutes into my practice that I was showing myself all of the moves I knew and learned from doing your yoga practice; like showing off to myself.   I was teaching myself yoga in my own mindful class.

This realization of enjoying my own company inside of an enjoyable yoga session brought a smile to my face.  The experience itself is almost indescribable.  Its like I was filled with something just by understanding that I am okay to be alone in life.  And so this lesson transferred over into many different parts of my life.

Just sharing a moment from my practice with you,


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    April, this a beautiful and sacred experience. This is a new beginning and a transformational journey for you. I am very happy to be of help! Keep practicing and sharing with me!
    Love and Light

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