VIP 220: A 22 Min Coffee Cup Reflections on Life Class.

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A quick 22 minutes class.

Namaste Beautiful Yogis,

Elisa here,

This is such a beautiful and grounding and calming yet coffee cup style class.

The funniest part was when the hikers with their dogs had to go around Ali.

Haahaha…Gorgeous dogs though. 🙂 Heehehe. The location was to die for!

This class brings back memories of “Old School” Ali classes when I first met her.

I hope this is as beautiful for you as it was for me.


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  1. rachaelforeveryoung's Gravatar
    rachaelforeveryoung 23rd September 2017, 9:51 am

    this is absolutely amazing loving the mudras so powerful and the setting everything felt wonderful xox

    • Elisa's Gravatar


      I though this was such an amazing class as well. The setting, Ali’s voice, just, everything about it and the feeling at the end…*sigh……:) Glad you enjoyed it as well! <3

  2. Marcela N Durante's Gravatar
    Marcela N Durante 28th September 2017, 10:44 am

    Gracias Ali!

  3. margot's Gravatar

    Really lovely workout. Felt so good afterwards. Nothing beats a yoga workout with Ali….<3

  4. kara121's Gravatar

    This was great. The extended plie’ hold was killer! i think near the end of it, i asked out loud, “what is wrong with you woman?” but now i feel awesome! 🙂 🙂 thanks Ali, what a great start to the day.

    • Elisa's Gravatar

      Haahahahahah!!!! I was laughing out loud at your comment because I have said the exact same thing in a few of her classes!! Hilarious!! Funny how we LOVE that beautiful torture. haahahah

  5. Charlotte's Gravatar

    I LOVED this class. Always you master spirituality of everyday life, it is wonderful. A true gift, like this class. Namaste <3

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