VIP 280 Yin Workout for Cold Days

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This class is a Yin Spin on a workout. There is gentleness to the moves. It is perfect for cold days when your body needs to warm up gently through moves that are relatively approachable by most. It will give you a gentle challenge.

We will finish with abdominal work.

“Instead of getting hard ourselves and trying to compete, women should try and give their best qualities to men – bring them softness, teach them how to cry.”

Joan Baez
Yin is the opposite of Yang. Cold is the opposite of Warm… And Night is the opposite of Day.

We need to be Strong yet Fluid. Fluidity is like water – it represents both softness and strength.

True Power resides in the mastery of opposites.

I have been contemplating a lot … as usual.

Most people nowadays suffer from anxiety and perfectionism. Worry and stress define most of our days on Earth. Most of it is unnecessary and counterproductive. Anyone in a high-stress environment or in a high-stress state of mind is bound to get sick sooner rather than later.  Why did we all fall for such a way of living? We are all so busy, stressed out, rushed and worried all the time? Is it the technology overload, the EMFs, the terrible food that destroys our gut flora and thus our gut brain? Or is it because we are all so disconnected from each other swimming in a sea of information and communication yet forgetting to take a deep breath and connect deeply to the Earth and the simplicity that is still all around us.

I am sure it is all of the above plus a few more things.

What we can do about it? You probably know what my suggestions will be.

Come back to your mat daily.

Let go of the internal dialogue at least for a few moments. Pause and take deep breaths.

Practice emptiness. Let it all flow. Turn to a Higher power and flow with ease, calm, grace and strength.

Let go of grudges, resentment, regrets, and worries. Start with a minute a day and add another minute to it each following day and see how your mind transforms.

Start journalling in the morning and at night.

Be grateful.


Try to contemplate ideas rather than problems.

Get inspired by art and music.

Visualize flowing water.

Smell flowers.

See greatness in people.




oh and Love some more.

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  1. Elisa's Gravatar

    What a perfect combination of stretching,gentle toning and a slight sweat. The pace was beautiful and just the right amount of time and you always know Ali, the perfect sequences…Love you dearly and thank you!!

  2. Dulcinea Rattet's Gravatar
    Dulcinea Rattet 19th November 2018, 4:23 am

    Ohhh I cannot wait to try this one!! It looks special!

  3. Rachel Galperin's Gravatar
    Rachel Galperin 18th January 2019, 11:32 am

    i love that this class was less strength and more cardio. thank you!

  4. Natalia Jenssen's Gravatar

    Absolutely agree with Elisa. It is a wonderful combination of stretching, sweating and toning 😀
    And your words about longing for simplicity and being there for each other: I wouldn’t have said it better. Love and appreciate every sentence.
    Namaste, beautiful Ali!

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