VIP 37 Complete Leg and Abs Burnout in 25 minutes

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This is a quick leg and abs burnout workout. Excellent for shaping the legs and creating functional strength in the legs and abs. The workout includes a few combinations of leg exercises. Minimal wrists involved!  We are still strengthening the wrists with the yoga classes so keep at it.




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  1. Baharsolgun's Gravatar

    Will do tomorrow, your shorts colour so nice what make is it?

  2. Baharsolgun's Gravatar

    Today i woke up and my butt and inner thighs sore:) when i walk i can feel them so much:)do you get that after workout next day if so what you suggest or what should be today’s workout.

    • admin's Gravatar

      yes, that can happen a lot and its usually a great sign of having done a strong yoga class :). thats how we build strong legs/muscles all around. either do a lighter class or a class with a foci on upper body strength. <3

  3. mirandahon's Gravatar

    Good class…..

  4. rachaelforeveryoung's Gravatar
    rachaelforeveryoung 9th February 2017, 5:31 pm

    this felt amazing magicali lol thats what we call you in our house lol have a lovely day xoxoxo

  5. GinaG's Gravatar

    This is hard. The pace is very fast i had a hard time keeping up, but i appreciate improving. Nicely compact. I felt it’s all i needed today. Thank you Ali

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