VIP 92: Interval Yoga Strength and Flexibility

thoughtsI am sharing this INTERVAL YOGA class with everyone this week because I really wanted to offer another Interval Yoga Style Sequence to the Youtube community. It is my offering to all of you and we all know how much some of us love Interval Yoga – the mix of intensity and vinyasa 🙂

Enjoy and let me know how you like this!


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  1. meenakshi's Gravatar

    Done with the class.Feeling great!. I got scared seeing it’s a VIP class. Thanks for pushing me to the limits!

  2. laurajones-miller1's Gravatar
    laurajones-miller1 22nd May 2015, 5:25 pm

    What a kind thing to do Ali. I know everyone will enjoy this magic. I am going to do it right now! I can’t wait…your classes always leave me feeling reborn…refreshed and at peace…xoxoxox, L

  3. benjity's Gravatar

    Ali, I cannot tell you how perfect, how delicious, how rewarding, soothing and — well perfect that was. I still struggle with incorporating other “insane” type workouts into my routine. Then, each time I do yoga, my body breathes, “Ahhh … “. The hard part for me is that I know what my body looks like, I know I can keep a 6-pack and cut arms, etc. by doing extreme workouts. I worry that I will “lose” that with yoga. I wonder if that’s even true. I also wonder if I would enjoy life even more if it IS true?

    • admin's Gravatar

      i dont teach just yoga or whatever yoga is connected to in most peoples minds. its absolutely more than enough. gym equipment can be weakening and imbalancing. 6 pack and core strength are not the same…. so its still a journey you must make within your head first 🙂

  4. gnampally1's Gravatar

    This class is a gud workout!!!!but I was not able to do padakunasana (am sorry if I spelled it wrong).can u plz give some tips to practice this asana?

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