VIP 88 A 15 Min Leg Circle Cardio Class

LEGS AND CARDIO. Bodyweight workout that is mostly targeting your lower body. It IS a full body workout. Be prepared for cardio work, legs and booty work, some core, some upper body!
I would say this is less intense than the DEATH CIRCLES but you be the judge!
and have an amazing week ahead.
PS be prepared and warned. Mercury goes retrograde tonight so be mindful in your communications and interactions and stay away from signing major contracts 🙂
sleep with dreams

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  1. Sasha's Gravatar

    Hello Ali 😉 how are you?
    this was grate, not too difficult in strength but combined with cardio, gave it nice over all worked feeling at the end….thank u….my heart was going from it….:)
    i love all your videos….thank u for being such a good teacher and inspiration….! endless gratitude….!
    i really liked your “my favourite leg work out to date” u had it up here for ages, i cant seem to find it now and it worked so well into my routine….was wondering if u can post it back up or maybe send a link, please….
    that would be grate….thank u
    by the way Sofi was so excited in this video, she is so so cute, give her a pat for me please….
    love and light

  2. Neah's Gravatar

    I was thanking Sophie for the ‘break’ ahaha…

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