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Since we finished the 30 day yoga journey I have decided to post a daily post with scheduled classes for each day of the week from now on. I am also going to share more blog posts so that we stay connected and so that I show up as a commitment to my work and offerings. Writing is hard for me because I HATE editing. Whenever I have read my old writings I always feel like the ideas in the post are new to me and I never understand how could I have known those things in the past. I have bad memory, I have always had a selective bad memory. I do remember things but I do forget certain wisdom I have gained in certain periods in my life. So writing might not be a bad idea after all.

Since we finished the 30 Day Yoga Journey

Do you use gadgets and devices for health and beauty. I have a love for devices. I haven’t bought new devices in at least 8 years. Not sure why I stopped. I find devices that work to be exciting, fun and even if they are pricey they can save us money that we would spend on products, beauty procedures, physical therapy, pain relievers, herbs, supplements, etc.

So today I pulled out my Infrared light and laid down on my massage mat for a self-healing session.

This light is an investment I made about 8 years ago and I love it. It was expensive back then and the price is still high until today. Somehow the technology has not gotten that much cheaper. The funny thing is that it is 880 nm in the infrared light spectrum so it is invisible to the naked eye but totally visible in photos and that’s how you know your lights still work. It also has a few rows of visible red lights at 660 nm.

“The red light version is claimed to penetrate to a depth of about 25 mm, for healing skin wounds and infections, while the near-infrared array penetrates to up to 75 mm, to increase blood flow and release nitric oxide, to soothe and heal sore muscles and joints. “

“Early research by NASA has demonstrated that near infrared LEDs in the 630 to 880 nm range promote cell growth and thus stimulate faster healing for burns, fractures, radiation tissue damage and skin grafts, as well as for treating muscle and bone atrophy, a condition prevalent in astronauts on long space missions. “

” Near-infrared wavelengths (typically 850 nm or 880 nm) have been reported as penetrating deeper through skin and bone, but for open wounds, 630 and 660 nm devices have been shown to be just as beneficial in accelerating healing. Skin depth varies around the body, and transmission can also be affected by skin color. Panels incorporating a mix of wavelengths continue to be used in experiments to gather data on the healing of various wound types, locations, and tissue content that the light has to penetrate.”

Lights at the 800 nm range length are a bit harder to find. Most infrareds on the market are in the 600 range. The ones in the 800 range penetrate deeper and cost a bit more.

If you are interested in infrared therapy you can google articles and read consumer reviews and search for products. I looked online to find my exact one but I found a cheaper version of it – that has the same 2 wavelengths – here it is.  

This is a great price at $69. I paid I think close to $300 for my unit but it also has more lights. I cannot find my exact unit but maybe it is still available somewhere online. Amazon as a whole has very few lights at that wavelength.

I have used it over the years for healing, pain and most of all for PMS cramps. It takes them away in 20 minutes. I put it on my lower back as my cramps tend to be there. Using anti-cramping herbs and this light has kept me pain-free during my monthly cycle. I also think removing dairy improved it about 100 times :). The cramps used to be BRUTAL!

I finally decided to use this light as a beauty device as well. Infrared lights are now widely used as age-defying devices and they can help with collagen production, thus they can reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

I will let you know how that goes. I just took the before photos :0

While laying down with my eyes closed I listened to this lovely webinar of Dr. John McDougall, MD, Interviewing Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD.

Give it a listen if you can.

Right now getting off of the plant-based bandwagon has been all the craze. It is great to remind ourselves why we eat in a compassionate way that is also healthy for us. These 2 guys are in their 80s and they are going strong. For myself, I find that there is absolutely no need for me to engage in other being’s suffering in order to maintain my health and I will try to continue to inspire whomever I can to do the same. I have made the connection between food and suffering early in my life and it has become a vow in my heart that I have taken to remain compassionate in my actions as much as I can. I am not perfect and I will never claim to be perfect but I try my best. I never look at a plate of greasy flesh and think this looks delicious. It does take a long time for some to get there but I think moving away from gluttony and towards LOVE through actions is a thing we do first for ourselves and then for the animals.

Also I think that for some of us/you simply reducing animal products can be enough. I have no judgement and all the love in my heart for any lifestyle my fellow human beings chose to follow. OK, maybe I judge a little extreme excess or extreme abuse but anything with a moderate level of consciousness is good with me šŸ™‚ . I also have understanding of how we can slip and fall into a cycle. I do see things from the eyes of the people experiencing them and not just from my personal perspective.

What should i name my blog? Any suggestions?

“My hearts diaries” maybe?

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  1. Rachel's Gravatar

    Yes! I do really like the name “my heart diaries” šŸ™‚ I have missed your blog posts, chats and updates on here and your vlogs. I look forward to hearing more about what you and your family are enjoying in the future – whether that be gadgets, food, books etc.

  2. rachaelforeveryoung's Gravatar
    rachaelforeveryoung 8th February 2019, 3:53 pm

    i love everything you do! it freaks me out a bit because deep thoughts in my mind you somehow provide exactly what i need to see and hear!! like i was going to ask if sunbeds are ok and you provide information on infrared and i love weights and yoga boom class is there………..i can get a bit obsessive and fall into patterns easily.. i have so so much love for you ali thank you for everything you do xx

  3. luciana's Gravatar

    I live on my massage mat. I even got a couple so that i could cover everywhere hahah. My memory is electric clear (from my seeing) it actually holds the past too present, I have to loosen my grip, which is hard when you dont need to try to remember! I like the name, also like ‘my hearts journal’ because it sounds like ‘journey’. I have been resting since returning from LA, i got so comfortable in the early mornings and nights whilst there and have been wiped out on returning. Itching to get back to the challenge… And the 100 other classes you have uploaded recently lol! On fire, inspired and thriving, Austin may be challening you but the growth is obvious. Plus, i completely get what you say about LA and the vibe of no need to present or conform your appearance, it is the biggest wave of fresh air to me, immediately at home <3

  4. Thummel1's Gravatar

    I love gadgets! Iā€™m a gadget girl! My latest is this wrap around infrared shiatsu neck and shoulder massager. Ohhh gets those knots out that sit right between the shoulder blade and spine. That said, I also have a small infrared sauna in my house. I guess never realized the infrared feature was anything more than a heat source? Gosh I should really use it more often. Particularly because I live in Minnesota and today was 0 degrees, this weather has a way of causing your entire body to ache. Glad I ran across this! Thank you for sharing!

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