21 Day Yoga Diet Challenge: Week Three

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Hello beautiful souls,

Ann here. Everyone has been doing such a wonderful job posting their gorgeous whole food, plant-based meals on our Beautiful Yogis Facebook group. They have been so inspiring.

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Week One focused solely on including a greater abundance of whole, fresh, plant-based foods into your meals. Week Two’s mission was to swap in one 100% whole food, plant-based meal for breakfast.

Now, we’re upping the ante in our final week, as we aim to incorporate two 100% whole food, plant-based meals for both breakfast and lunch. Please see below this week’s guideline and inspirational meals PDF:

Week Three – Yoga Diet Challenge – Guidelines & Inspirational Meal Plan PDF

Week Three – Additional Meal Inspirations PDF

Do the best you can! Keep it light! Keep it fun…And keep inspiring others!

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  1. donnahcash's Gravatar

    Is it possible to look at the PDF’s for week one and week two for the Yoga Diet Challenge? I only see week three.
    Donna Cash

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