Prenatal Interval Yoga & Doula Birthing Workshop Nov 11-13

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A three-day jam packed, dynamic Interval Yoga & Birth Doula Certification Course.  Offered in Asheville, NC, November 11-13, Friday-Sunday, 9:30-5:30. Experience teachings in Interval Yoga and Quantum Birth, offered for the first time ever from Ali Kamenova, RYT, Creator of Interval Yoga and Jaydee Sperry, RYT, Midwife and Childbirth Instructor.

Jaydee’s website

Certificate of hours in Interval Prenatal Yoga


Certificate of hours as and Advanced Doula in Interval Yoga Birth (for folks who are already certified doulas)


VEDA Yoga Studio, Ashville, North Carolina





The entire 3 day course $400. Initial deposit to reserve a spot $200.

To book just one day $150


$50 off for pregnant ladies, students or participants who are taking the workshop for personal education and enrichment.

Early Bird Special for the first 10 days of announcement $380 October 11th till October 21st.

Single Day Early Bird $120

For more details and questions please email me @


Local Lodging that you can find online


Jaydee also offers 9 spots in her second condo in shared rooms for $25/ night.

A third condo is available with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen for $100/ night.


There is a vegan restaurant NECTAR located in the same building which is open to catering to us if at least 10 of us opt for that. Otherwise we can just bring our own food and eat at Nectar at our convenience.

Payments – once you email me @ and select your package I can either send you a Paypal invoice or a credit card option.

For Asheville locals you can pay in person. This is Jaydee’s email

We are still polishing the details around the workshop and the schedule so some changes might be added to that.

I would truly love to see you there! 


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