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Hey Yogis,


I am a great lover of plant medicine and have studied it since I remember. I know of a lot of remedies that I have never had to apply in my life but recently I have had to use the one I will share today 5-6 times (on Jonny and I) for different types of injuries.

Whenever I re-discover a remedy that I have always known about I feel it is for a reason. There is conscious communication always ongoing in the greater story of our lives. Our injuries, pains, afflictions, and so forth have a purpose and a meaning.


Today’s recipe or directions is for comfrey poultice. Comfrey is a great bone mender. It has been used on wounds, sprains, bone bruises, fractures, osteoarthritis, pulled muscles, and ligaments, and inflammation.

It also happens to be one of the best permaculture herbs that nourishes other plants in the garden.


My recipe varies quite a bit but I will outline a few variations below:




I grind them in a coffee grinder.


Additional ingredients:

Clay – I used this Aztec Clay 

Castor Oil

Helichrysum oil – 5 drops

There is a lot of price variation for Helichrysum so I have chosen this brand from Italy. 

Some brands are a 10th of the price but because Helichrysum is one of the top 3 healing oils in my cabinet I went with a high-grade oil.  You only use a few drops per recipe or cream so it does last a long time. 

Liquid to make a thick paste. Can be a decoction.

Mix it once and wait because the dry herbs will absorb the liquid and then add a bit more to get it to the right consistency.




I have used a variety of additional ingredients. Although they are not necessary they can add to the benefits of comfrey.

My own herbal oil extracts of a variety of herbs – ashwagandha, maca, etc.

Fresh pressed ginger and garlic.

Dry ginger, turmeric, black pepper powder.

An important ingredient for penetrating deeper is:

DMSO – I have used a variety of brands and this one is good. DMSO is inert with certain plastics and it wouldn’t leach them.

If you prefer it in glass here is one that has worked for me.

T Relief Arnica is a regular in my house. I always have it on hand. you can add a spoonful to the potion.

Cayenne for increased circulation.

Also optional charcoal.

Other oils and ingredients as you prefer.

Please if you have experience with poultices add any other ingredients you love in the comment section.

Place the poultice or compress on cotton fabric. Place it on the injury and then wrap it with some plastic – some people omit the plastic but it will get messy.

My poultice was not very wet and it didn’t drip at all. It stayed put for the 24 hours I wore it- almost rubbery consistency.

I used castor oil packs I bought from amazon. It’s much easier for me as I am not very crafty with sowing things.

It comes with a liver pack for castor oil plus multiple sizes for different body parts such as knees, ankles, feet, breasts, back/stomach, or liver, thighs, elbows, thyroid/neck, etc.

Side note – the liver pack can be a lifesaver for stomach aches, indigestion, ulcers, gastritis, lymphatic stagnation, etc.


I used my last pack for about 24 hours with a 3-hour break. I used it for my foot as I hit it on a wooden chair around the nerve junction. The pain got worse in the hours following the injury so I figured – time for a pack.

All pain was gone by the following morning.

If you are dealing with a mild injury or recovery – this is a very strong compress that will speed things up.

If it’s something more serious consult with your physician. Some joints need to be adjusted first or put in a cast. Either way, this is a valuable and strong medicine that can improve our lives greatly when used appropriately.

Jonny used it on a much more serious injury – 3 broken toes that were out of the socket. He had just started a crazy schedule job and couldn’t make it to the doctor’s right that day so he started the packs. By the 3rd day he was walking without a limp. The first day after injury walking was not even a thing. As you may know, broken toes are one of the most painful injuries.  He used the pack around 4-5 times and his foot improved so much that he discontinued it. (it’s inconvenient but also a lifesaver) His toes went back in position relatively quickly- he was slightly tightening the pack with the plastic on top to pull the toes back in. By the time he could make it to the doctor, he was feeling like this injury would heal fast. His father was a foot surgeon and he had always told us to be careful about foot surgeries. In the wrong hands, it can be a terrible idea.

His injury still took a good amount of time for complete healing but without pain along the way. He is sold on the almost miraculous power of comfrey.


Hope that helps.

Let me know if you have any questions.









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