Immunity Protocol

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I take immunity seriously.

I have always said that foods and herbs are serious business. People often underestimate the power of herbs but don’t be fooled. There are hardly any more powerful substances on herb than the ones coming from the plant kingdom. There is pretty much a solution to any problem that can be found in the herbal world. Mother Nature outdid herself- creativity unleashed in the herbal department.

Today I am sharing all my personal favorites, personal practices, tested herbal products and money-saving tips that are all coming from personal experience.

This post might be a bit long but I am trying to be comprehensive and really go over all of the habits I have adopted throughout the years plus the herbs, fruits, and products I have grown to love.

This protocol is especially important in times of extra challenges such as stressful periods, being in crowds, airplane travel, cold and flu season and so forth.

It seems like right now we need to pay special attention to being stress-free, relaxed, positive and we need some extra immune-boosting tools and herbs.

Here is what I consider absolutely crucial in order to have a strong immune system.

I will try to go in order of importance but some things are just equally important.


  1. SLEEP. When we sleep enough our body has the chance to detox, rebuild and repair and our nervous system is able to do the same.
  2. LAUGH. I don’t need to say much about that one. It is universally understood that if we are happy we tend to be also healthier.
  3. Water throughout the day. Stay hydrated at all times. That’s even more important when we talk about viruses that invade the lungs such as the current one.
  4.  Citrus and Fruit every day. I place citrus in its own category because we should include fruits of all kinds daily with the inclusion of lemon or lime juice or oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits. Lemons are really a miracle food. Apples are the queen of fruits. Other fruits to eat abundantly are bananas, berries and really anything available or in season. I do buy imported fruits when I need to because that’s one of the advantages of our modern-day and age. We are dealing with many disadvantages so why not take advantage of certain benefits. Modern kitchen appliances are another benefit. Freezers, should I keep going. 
  5. A Yoga and exercise program that is just enough. Not too much, not too little. Refer to my schedules for that and take days off when tired.
  6. The inclusion of a variety of raw foods daily. Wash them well. You can soak them in baking soda.
  7. Keeping the body cleansed. Meaning not carrying extra waste in the intestines which is the worst when it comes to preventing parasites, viruses and even preventing allergies. Viruses cannot invade a clean terrain. Our society has gone really far in its removal from common sense and connection to nature. An example I can give you: in Factory Farms they administer antibiotics to cows and pigs in order for them to be able to survive the disgusting unhealthy conditions and live long enough to be slaughtered. They do not administer them to sick animals – it’s administered to all as a preventative. Instead of providing clean conditions they just try to put them in germ-infested areas and give them antibiotics which in turn create super bacteria and can compromise the Earth and humanity as a whole in the long run. The idea of viruses attacking us is almost along the same lines. We create a polluted Earth and cities and thus bodies and then view the viruses as the enemy. Another example is mosquitos and a swamp. Clean the swamp rather than poison it with bacteria-killing weapons yet keep it dirty.  You get my point. Keep the body clean. Lungs, intestines, liver. Yoga is great at encouraging a healthy lifestyle. I literally never crave anything unhealthy. A clean body gets as much pleasure and sense satisfaction from broccoli with a vegan dip as much as a polluted body gets it from a greasy GMO hamburger. Our taste buds adjust. Point is both experiences deliver the same amount of pleasure and satisfaction yet they yield a different result. I have been teaching persistence since I started teaching… really before that. I walk the talk and remain very consistent in all my passions and habits. Even if persistence is not your strong suit – be persistent about your diet until it becomes just what you do on autopilot.
  8. Walking in Nature, SUN, Deep Breathing, Fresh air, A little HIIT for the heart and lungs, Vitamin C.


Garlic. Fresh is best but if you are concerned about odor there is deodorized garlic in capsules. The lysine, wellness formula and zinc formulas I recommend bellow have it as an added ingredient.


Herbal foods such as cilantro, parsley, arugula, celery.

Herbal teas from thyme, rosehips, and oregano or really any herbal tea.

Peppermint oil is strongly antiviral. You can diffuse it, massage your pulse points with it or use it on your toothbrush.

I can attest to the quality of the Radha Brand from amazon. With essential oils, it is a constant hunt to find good sources. This one is a HUGE bottle and it has lasted me years.

I use it all the time and it is top-notch.

Peppermint is known for its tummy soothing properties but it is less known as an antiviral. It is very good for all the viruses in the herpetic family. Good for calming the nervous system as well.

As for diffusers, you can use a basic one in your house but if you are having trouble with your lungs then do get a nebulizer.

I use a few around my house. The mechanism is quite simple and they are very effective in diffusing oil into the air.

I broke quite a few nebulizers back in my days of healing from mold exposure. I was getting the glass nebulizers because they are very effective. They break down the essential oils into small particles that can go into the lungs and help with killing and expelling viruses, fungi and bacteria.

If you work in crowded places there are a few things you incorporate into your routine during flu season that can really protect you from viruses and bacteria.


  1. Cleanliness goes without saying.
  2. Nebulizing
  3. Peroxide in ears (google it. It is good for the rhinal virus. If you do it right at the first symptoms of a cold it can stop it in its tracks).
  4. Peroxide or iodine gargles.
  5. My bestie- oil of oregano internally or externally. I have used most of the brands on the market. A few of them are not very effective. Oregano is best for infection. For pain, it can be massaged over the painful area (diluted). It is not my antiviral of choice because it is good for bacterial infection. If you do get a viral infection then it is a good preventative for further infections such as pneumonia, sinus infection and all the other complications that can happen after the flu.

Generally, I have an approach to viral infections that I have developed over the years.

I like to combine at least 5 antiviral herbs in a protocol in order to hit the invasion from different angles. All herbs have their own unique specifics so combining them in times when we are fighting a cold, the flu or trying to prevent one is very important.

Herbs that I use and love.

I will start with the ones that are more food-like and move over to herbs. And some products I love.

  • Ginger – in tea form, in foods, fermented in ginger beer.
  • Elderberry – in syrup form. Alcohol extracts tend to be excellent. I combine it with herbs in glycerine extraction so that it is not all alcohol extracted herbs. Alcohol is a great extractor so it is beneficial considering the potency of the herb you are getting.


For kids I recommend gummies.

  • The My Kind brand gummies come with echinacea, Aronia, zinc, and other fruits and vitamins so it is pretty good. I rotate the gummies brands.
  • Onto the heavy-hitters.My partner Jonny loves this one. He used to work in a building where every season everyone got very sick with the flu and he was pounding this formula and cruising through the flu season 🙂

It’s the wellness formula. Their cap ones are in a gelatine capsule so I get him the tablet ones in the biggest jar possible.

If you hate pills you can get the liquid formula. I haven’t tried that one but I am sure its comparable to the tablets and the capsules.

  • Zinc. Zinc is included in the Wellness Formula and the Gummies.

Ionic Zinc is great

  • Ionic Selenium

  • Lugol’s Iodine which is actually probably way higher on my recommendations list. You can purify water with it as well. Gargle with it if you suspect you have been exposed to viruses. It can be taken internally as most of us are not getting iodine from our food.

  • Lysine- some formulas come with bee propolis, echinacea, licorice, garlic and zinc. All of which are very protective and highly recommended.

Other herbs I love are:

Echinacea angustifolia


Lemon Balm. 

It is the queen of Bulgarian Herbal medicine. It is a strong calming herb as well as a strong antiviral. The medical medium also recommends it which is no surprise considering what a powerful herb it is. You can buy dry herb and soak it in alcohol if you want to save some money.

It is easy to make herbal extracts. All you need is the herb and some vodka… and time.

Honey extractions of ginger or garlic are also great.

Apple cider Vinegar extractions of horseradish, cayenne, onion, garlic, turmeric, and ginger are known as the master tonic. Great to prepare them once a year.


Another money-saving tip is to make your own COLLOIDAL SILVER. 

Colloidal silver can be quite pricey especially for big families. You can literally go through a bottle a day just by yourself. I have a colloidal silver maker… yes, you heard that right. My main passion is herbal healing and healing through understanding our connection to nature. So I can be quite physical in my healing approach (vs prayer) I like the tangible herbs and the mental understanding of things. I do teach the intuitive approach through my classes which is almost ironic considering my strong Taurean tendencies to heal through practical measures. That’s my polarity of Taurus- Pisces.

I cannot find the exact colloidal silver generator I have (I bought it 15 years ago) but it is similar to this one

You can make an unlimited amount of colloidal silver with this little machine.  This package comes in with pure silver 9999 wires which will last you a long time. After that, you can get pure silver wires and cut them up. I don’t even understand why we don’t all have this device at home 🙂

It’s a MUST to say the least.


Licorice, Cat’s Claw, Olive leaf are other favorites of mine.

Don’t underestimate the power of the mind. We are doing meditations at the end of my classes this month so that is also a must.


Hot spicy foods, spices, hot sauce, and fermented foods. Better yet homemade fermented hot sauce.

Mustard, black pepper, curry, cinnamon and so forth.

Fermented peppers and carrots


Bach Remedies for stress (I have been a long time user)


One last idea before I go – Lemon Ginger Ice cubes that you can add to your tea or water daily. Blend up whole organic lemons and ginger and freeze it in ice cubes.

I think I covered most of my tools.

There is always more but I covered the most important things.


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