I have been going crazy over this drink + more on Stevia





I have been seriously going crazy over this drink. It is simple – think of it as a combination of flavored water and foamy milk.

The flavor is outstanding. All the ingredients are in the photo but here they go:

1 Slice of Melon

A splash of cashew milk (experiment with others but this one froths like a boss 🙂 )

My favorite stevia -(any stevia would do) I love the count flavored one – makes things very pinacolada tasting – This is the exact one I order –  Coconut Stevia

You always ask me questions about stevia so here are  few covered:

Also I have been using stevia for years with no negative side effects. However just recently I bought a different brand full of fillers (maltodextrin which is for sure GMO) and I had a negative reaction to it. So I made sure to order an unflavored stevia thats not cut with fillers so its very concentrated. It’s also organic and a 4 oz jar has 2511 servings :O – that will last me a good while. Better Stevia – Organic 4 oz

A good rule of thumb for those of you new to stevia is to mix it with something already sweet- it just enhances the sweet flavor. Goes very well in coffee and lemonade. It doesn’t go as well in things that have zero sugar in them because it has this empty sweetener feeling.

If you don’t want the extracted white powder then get the leaf. I used the leaf for years by simply soaking the leaf in water and using the water until i got sick of the actual herbal and green taste. I still ordered me the leaf for some cooked meals and drinks. This is the one I got Organic Green Stevia. The green leaf does have it’s own taste but it’s still  good alternative for anyone that loves sweet foods and drinks. Stevia is also really yummy in banana spinach smoothies.

And a good amount of water.

Blend! Serve and Drink Away!

I have been drinking this pre yoga by the half litter jugs 🙂

Always stay hydrated!!!!

I am shooting my What I eat in a day blogs and now up to day 7 but behind on editing. I will start posting probably next week and will go for 30 videos in 30 days. In one of the blogs i share how i make my melon seed tea/ latte. OMG I cannot say enough good things about melon seed tea or melon seed latte.  The latte is not just the healthiest, best drink for your kidneys but it also is the best milky (milk substitute) frothy thing I have ever had.





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  1. Tina Redder's Gravatar

    Yesss! We are also in full melon season over here in europe! They are sweet and cheap 😉 a wonderful combination. This looks delicious, melon and melon seeds get incredibely frothy! thank you and looking forward to your new vids. Sending love xoxo

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