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I created a playlist with the 30 day core challenge. Getting back into the groove of things after pregnancy should be gradual and mindful. Be patient with yourself and do not judge your progress; do not compare your progress to others. The program is designed to help you fire up the abs and properly establish mind body core connection. The series is perfect for new moms, anyone that has had abdominal or other surgery recently, most beginners who have no idea what core connection means and really for anyone that has a weak core. Link to the Playlist on youtube – 30 Day Beginner Core Challenge Playlist

Do not worry about getting fit fast. Take your time and if you need to repeat the challenge a few more times until you feel strong and your core connection is established do so. We all have our individual healing and learning path and the lesson here is to honor our individual journey.

DO NOT DOUBT THE PROCESS. Wake up every morning with a grateful heart and an open for knowledge soul. My advice in healing- do not get too mindy. Let the chatter go and just know that certain things in life happen beyond our rational way of understanding them. You can read a thousand things on core connection and get more and more disconnected. On the other side you can just trust and breathe and feel your core awakening while simply following the lead of your body.

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  1. G marie's Gravatar

    Hello I was referred by someone in a fit mom group. I would like to know how to get started and pricing. I see a lot of postpartum yoga but where do I start? I am pp going on 10wks via c section…is it too early for yoga? Or is there something else I should be doing that is more gentle pp ?? I am ready to get started working towards my body goals …thanks

  2. G marie's Gravatar

    Thank you…why would you rec #8 to start rather than #1 of 30 days? Just curious…

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