Live Workshop – Nov 6 Anchoring the Frequency on Zoom

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The zoom recording will be available after the workshop. 
You are not obligated to turn your caera on or participate in the discussion. You can praticipate by writing or camera. It is up to you if you want to participate or just be present.  

Exciting News! I finally confirmed the date for the one-day live class plus meditation workshop. November 6th. It falls right after the new moon during a month that is jam-packed with heavy astrological events.

The general theme is – moving through the current times, anchoring the frequency, and unifying within.

We are stepping into the Unknown. A shift in Paradigm. We must tap into our inner knowing; Pure Consciousness and move forward with faith, courage, surrender and LOVE.

We are witnessing quite a bit of external chaos and intensity and now more than ever we must focus on the inner world and how we process reality. We get to really manifest our own inner world for better and worse. It is instrumental to become the masters of the lower mind and our inner reality and thus the conscious manifestors of our other reality. we are learning this as we step into this new paradigm.


9 am Central Time Intention Vinyasa Yoga class plus Meditation.

A Short Break

11 am- 12 noon Central Time connecting with the group for Group Exercise and Discussion.

There is an option for payment with a card without Paypal at the end of the page.


Reserve Your Spot

Early bird is $20

Before the workshop  (if there are spots open) $25

Low income $12 (this option is only available with the Buy Now button above). Message me if you cannot afford it. I will send you an invite.

I will send the zoom link a few days prior to the workshop. Check your junk box and my IG or media if you are not getting an email.

Ali Kamenova

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