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For the last few years, I have been enjoying and exploring the world of oils. In fact, I have made oils the very center of my skincare.

In the past, I used to prefer serums and light creams. Recently I have been able to find oils that absorb well and do not look oily on my skin.

My discovery with oils is that they absorb far better on

exfoliated skin.

As I have shared I started using Prescription Retin A after my skin suffered well-water sun damage in Texas. After I got up to 0.1% I would say it has reversed most of the damage. If you are looking for a custom prescription this is my referral code for Dermatica. Depending on the special at the moment you get a free month and often a second month half off. The peeling that I went through with retin A seems to have been the main healing factor in deeply exfoliating and renewing the skin.

I also scrub my face with a rotating brush nightly so that my skin is prepped for better absorption.

In the morning I use a glycolic acid/ other acids water which works very well in combination with the nighttime Retin a. The acid breaks up all dead skin cells so I have no visible peeling. I still haven’t found anything close to how well Retin A performs so for now I will keep using it. I have read many studies pro and against it so I am still sifting through the available information.

Anyways I had to paraphrase my oils with the rest of my products because I feel the exfoliation I do helps the oils absorb quickly and fully.

Favorite oils:

  • My favorite oil is Tamanu Oil – Heal All Oil – I am currently using this brand – prime Natural Organic.  Some of the Tamanu oil on the market is chemically processed and not beneficial. I rotate it with other oils.
  • My Tamanu oil DIY Recipe is a supercharged Tamanu oil – click here for the blog 
  • I like combination oils that include grape seed oil, jojoba, and almond oil with additions of rosehip, raspberry seed, CBD, pomegranate,  seabuckthorn, squalene, etc.
  • I use ARGAN and Macadamia oil or oil cleansing.
  • For hair, face, and calming the nervous system (body massage)- DIY ashwagandha oil. You can do cold extraction – soaking the powdered root in your oil of choice for a week and sitting or cooking it on low heat for a couple of hours. sesame oil is recommended for this.
  • Your suggestions are appreciated. The world of oils is infinite and amazing.




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