Peanut Butter Strawberries

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Peanut Butter Strawberries

Peanut Butter Strawberries Low Fat

This a quick lunch I love to make quite often. I make it with frozen or fresh bananas, strawberries or other fruit. My freezer temperature is not set on very low so even frozen strawberries only need a few minutes to semi thaw.

I simply mix nut milk, stevia (or a sweetener) and this PB Powder

and then I add my frozen or fresh fruit. It tastes like PB covered strawberries but on the lighter side, not as fatty. In general it is not advisable to mix fruit and fats. A bit of nut milk and PB is fine- it will not interfere with your digestion but too much fat and fruit will just lead to fermentation, candida or overall impaired digestion; not to mention elevated blood sugar from the fat trapping the sugar in the blood stream.

I prefer this Betty Lou PB over the more popular PB2 because the brand I use is organic and this container is 1.5 lbs so it has lasted me a few months.

So thats my daily vegan challenge post. Easy but yummy. Oh and i eat multiple bowls of this for sure.

You can always vary the flavors. Add cocoa powder or superfood powder instead of PB. Lucia works great.

For cocoa I always use one and the same brand which might surprise you- I like hershey… only after trying all the fancy raw organic ones and having a reaction to them (higher mold content) I stuck with this particular Hershey one. It is SUPER SUPER DRAK and rich tasting so that’s why I love it. It is not treated with alkali so the antioxidants content is still high.  My partner on the other hand doesn’t like the taste of it as it is just like super dark chocolate; he’s rather have a mellow milk cocoa tasting one. 

Today I will be making some yummy food again and I will make sure to share them.


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