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I have a very easy DIY Face Oil to share with you.

I have used 4 ingredients for it but you could reduce it to only 2. I will link the products I got because I love them.

  1. Tamanu Oil 

It is a very strong oil. The smell to me is in the same vein as frankincense, amber, and other earthy, resin-based smells. Before buying it, I read multiple reviews of how disgusting and rancid it smells which made me feel that previous Tamanu oil brands I have bought must have been fake since I liked them…. well, nope. I love the smell but it seems many people HATE IT. so keep that in mind. The oil is dark in color, the smell is earthy, and it has natural SPF. It is used for many skin conditions – anything from surgical scars, acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, etc to joint pain, rheumatic pain, and more.

It is a strong oil that most need to rotate throughout the week with other oils. It absorbs well.

2. Hellychrysum Essential Oil- IMMORTELLE OR EVERLASTING: Our helichrysum essential oil is a Fountain of Youth

It improves the complexion, cell turnover, and possibly collagen synthesis. It is also good for inflamed skin. Be careful with cheap helichrysum oils- its either diluted or possibly not the real deal. it is on the pricier side but you use only a few drops per batch of face oil, body oil, wound salve, etc.

“Helichrysum”  from the Greek “helios” meaning sun and “chrysos” meaning gold.

The smell to me is like flower fields in Bulgaria. Kinda sweet, herbal, and almost hot.

3. German Chamomile Oil. Good if you use the oil at night. It can help with pain, insomnia, and anxiety. The brand I have is Australian and diluted in carrier oil. I have had it for a while. You could use any good brand. Plant therapy has been rated as good and at a lower price point. It speeds wound healing and it is a mild sedative.

4. Last but not least LAVENDER. I used French lavender for this.


Other ingredients I would add to this in the future are:

the highest frequency oil.


I do have my lighter oils in my rotation that are based on jojoba, almond, grape seed, CBD, hemp, etc. I am rotating the stronger oils with the lighter oils. I find that I prefer to rotate my oils or my skin gets used to them.

Tamanu is great for daytime use as well- it has sun-protective properties.

I am not using mineral or chemical SPF. I try to avoid the midday sun and i wear hats and oils for the most part. I don’t want to solely rely on metals for skin protection because there is the possibility of metals reacting with the sun in your skin. I do have a few SPF creams that I would use if I have to be bare-faced in the sun for a long say in the ocean. But I want to keep that to a minimum. The morning and evening sun is healing so I also try to get that on my skin.

The whole sun sensitivity subject deserves many articles on their own -it is related to our diet, the intake of certain refined oils and foods, the lack of antioxidants in the diet, also it can be related to detox and the toxins coming out through the skin pathways; it can also be related to toxic water – I learned that the hard way- hard water with lots of minerals and pollution can sit on the skin and react with the sun degrading the skin collagen.

If you have ideas for potent ingredients you would add to this oil please post them in the comments. I am always planning on future experiments 🙂


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