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DETOX Challenge

detox challenge vegan

detox challenge vegan

This week we are easing into a detox before the holidays.

I was considering a very deep spiritual challenge which is still coming next and after that I do have a MEAN month long physical challenge but intuitively today on a whim I decided to have both the other challenges wait and go into a detox challenge.

I was going to do some deeper healing on my own but what is better than sharing this with a group of Beautiful Souls. We always need to heal the body and strengthen the mind. I am also having to be there for an elderly family member who has just found out that he has a serious condition and he can use all the healing modalities that are available to him. Green juices will boost the alkalinity of his body and we are having to act quickly.

On a side note, I do agree that fruits and greens are the best detoxifiers and most ailments we suffer from can be addressed on a simple fit for our species diet but sometimes we have to act quickly, some of us have been exposed to poisons, chemicals and neurotoxins and that’s when herbs come in place. My healing protocol has been and continues to be fruit, greens and herbs. Herbs are one of the biggest gifts we are given. True healers.

First things First:
Look into getting some celery, lettuce, cucumbers, ginger, lemon and such greens and veggies for juices. Buy some apples, grapefruits, bananas, persimmons, citrus fruit for some of your meals.
Have light water packed, antioxidant packed smoothies, juices and fruits during the day and have a clean version of your typical dinner at night. We will deepen the challenge as we go.
Detox can be done in multiple ways but the way I prefer to approach it is by adding fresh fruits and veggies in whole form. Every Few years I do add the veggies in a juice form just to keep things interesting. If you don’t have a juicer, blend your veggies or simply make big salads with them.
We can add detox specific herbs/veggies as we go such as dandelion, burdock, watermelon, liver, lymph and kidney formulas (optional) and so forth. consider this a course in learning as well.
We might need to exclude foods that are always on our plate so that our body can relax from something that could be a potential offender. If you eat any particular food every single day it is always a good idea to get off of it for a while.
And lets do this as a group and motivate each other!
Facebook group where we share photos and experiences and find motivation
Let me know if you have any questions or ideas about discussions/motivation in regards to this detox plan.

sweet basil seed mandarin quince smoothie! with cardamom  and saffron

sweet basil seed mandarin quince smoothie! with cardamom and saffron


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