Peanut Latte and Omegas + Cronometer Readings

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I have a massive love for this peanut latte and although it is not an essential item in life it does bring comforting aroma to my mornings and I adore it as a pre-yoga drink. I have shared it a million times on IG but I think not once on here.

It is made with peanut powder that is defatted and milk. I have received the question about why not peanut butter. And these are a few of my reasons:

  1. Peanuts are high in omega 6 fatty acids so it is not the best idea to have them as our main fat source. Chia, flax, walnuts, greens, cantaloupes and so forth are great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and it is better to choose these over the other plant fats. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory and a diet high in omega 6s can lead to heart disease and inflammation.

Recently I did my full blood test and I requestion C-reactive Protein (an inflammation marker) to be added to the blood profile and mine was absolutely bottom of the graph low. Good news. I was eating mostly but a great variety of veggies, fruits, olives, and chocolate.

2. This particular brand of PB Powder is tested for aflatoxins. Most peanuts are high in aflatoxin- a type of mold naturally occurring on the nut (legume actually). It is quite rare to find any peanuts tested for the toxins so that is great. It is also organic and no salt or sugar added. I have used other brands in the past but since discovering this one I have ordered this 2 lbs bag I think 4 times. It lasts a while and it adds a gorgeous peanut flavor to every dish or drink.

Actually, while I was in Bulgaria I bought peanuts from a nut stand and they had visible mold on them. You cannot taste it. It doesn’t ruin the taste- it is mostly not visible but present which can cause inflammation and auto-immune symptoms if your health is compromised otherwise).

3. I am not concerned with protein as I tend to get plenty on whole plants but the powder is, in fact, a natural protein powder. It is as high in protein (10 grams per serving) as some other protein powders yet it is simply one ingredient. We do not need a lot of protein in one serving as the body can absorb only so much.

That being said it is a great source of amino acids.

4. It also adds nutrition to lattes which often can be loaded with fat and sugar – empty calories.

5. I just love it lol.

6. I still have regular organic peanut butter as well.

One thing I like to do with foods is to enter 2000 calories (as a baseline of daily needs) from that one food I am researching so I can see if we were to eat just that one food where we will stand nutritionally. Great foods surprisingly can cover mostly all of our nutritional needs and thus they are known as staples or superfoods or both. I am not expecting PB Powder to be anything of that nature but we can at least see what it is high in and how it can be a good supplement to other foods.

Here is 2000 calorie-reading for PB Powder (and remember is not 100% accurate but I do recommend using it. It’s free and very helpful).

A whooping 170 tbsp worth :). Remember this is not a real-life scenario. The first thing I notice is that it is a good zinc source which is so important on whole plant foods that are focusing on fruits and veggies. High in folate as well. Not a bad calcium source. High in choline which the egg industry was trying to create drama around.

Super HIGH IN MAGNESIUM. Which is AMAZING!!! Magnesium is so important on any diet.



From the amino acids, it’s a bit low in lysine but if we just have 2-4 tbsp a day it will not be enough to matter.

Notable mention: it is a source of Selenium!!!


The Peanut Latte Recipe is easy:

1 Organic (for peanuts try to stick to organic, actually for all nuts- I am realizing nuts are heavily sprayed with glyphosates, something I have not caught on to until recently) PB Powder. nowadays I only buy NorCal ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTERĀ  PROTEIN POWDER– its cheaper than PB itself, tested for mold and other toxins and impurities, delicious, no additives, organic. The peanuts come from Texas! It’s tested for arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, the various aflatoxins, yeast, mold. The values are low to none. But arsenic in food and especially in rice does come from the oil as it has been heavily polluted. That is a whole different topic in itself.

2. Plant Milk – I experiment.

3. Stevia or Maple or Palm Sugar or any sweetener.

I use a frother and I serve it hot and foamy.


One other favorite recipe is frozen fruit with nut milk and peanut powder, goji powder, and stevia. It’s better than ice cream yet good for your heart!!!

BTW I am noticing an increase in my belly strength and the way I can control the muscles since starting the CORE AWAKENING PROGRAM!

Anyways cheers.



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