Breathing, Focus, Ego, and The Mind

tumblr_mpypv91Ju91r9281ro1_500The mind is by nature crystal clear like a pool of water

when the mind churns with fears and attachments

it is like a pebble being dropped into that clear pool of water

it causes ripples on the surface and stirs up the sediment in the bottom of the pool

When the mind is active with inner dialogue and subconscious fears

it causes toxins to form in the body

the mind can produce some of the most damaging toxins to the body

remember the mind is pure by nature

like that crystal clear pool

it is important to avoid toxic thoughts

everything is mind, this very moment is mind

there are three forms of Karma




Karma derives from the mind

Ego has a hold on the mind

your ego is who you think that you are

everything that you identify as you is ego

but those things fall away with every life and there is only pure self once again

when one thought occurs another one occurs directly from it

as a ripple effect

if one keeps the mind clear with no thoughts and no inner dialogue

then that uncontrollable chatter of the mind begins to dissipate

the mind becomes clear

the person becomes centered

thought is pure once again

how does one achieve pure mind?

Pure mind is a clear mind

how does one reduce inner dialogue?

how does one stop the that neurotic chatter in the mind?

simply stop thinking

breath deeply

inhale for three seconds and hold the breath for three seconds

exhale for three seconds

flex the mullah banda on the exhale

do it for 20 minutes laying on your back

if you can’t sleep and your mind is racing

try and step away from that chatter in your head

and observe your thoughts

no matter what the thoughts

let them flow

watch them without judgement

you are not your thoughts


let the mind flow

keep the physical body clean

eat more raw fruits and vegetables

use herbs to cleanse the body

remember your mind is pure

it is a crystal clear pool of water

if you are dealing with loss or grief or trauma

it is very important to keep the mind clear

do not talk to yourself inside your head

instead try and stop the language inside your mind

the language that you use to speak to yourself with

to make up judgments

to justify your behavior

to protect yourself from hurt

let go of that voice, the ego

just breath and breath and breath

go deep

until your body tingles with prana

feel the chi inside your stomach flowing

everything is flowing through you and out of you

flushing out the toxic thoughts

Yoga can help you work out a problem

by allowing you to contemplate a problem without creating toxic thoughts

caused by fear and attachment from the ego

with Yoga you can move and breath deeply into that problem

let it flow through you and truly see the situation from a different point of view

the mind is pure

you are pure

you are the awakened consciousness of the universal mind

and by breathing deeply and letting go of your thoughts the universal mind

will flow through you and your inner dimensions will become your outer dimensions

and you will see that pure thought derives from the pureness of your soul

and the essence of who you are

which is a divine living being that embodies love and radiance

you are that

crystal clear and pure

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    That was indeed sublime…!

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    laurajones-miller1 29th April 2014, 4:17 pm

    Thank you Jonny…You have a beautiful way of expressing what we all feel…I enjoyed the inward journey while reading your prose. xoxo, Laura

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    Thank u for this…..

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